News Worthy – Press Release for Teachers

Tue, June 18 – A grade four class in Surrey wrote a press release promoting their teachers, hoping to get some media attention. 
The students wrote to Mike McCardell of Global BCTV.  Mike is always out there looking for story god.  This time the story came knocking on his door and he doesn’t have to chase it.  The story came to him and he showed up. 
The story is about the kids who love their teachers.  They are going to do African dance to raise money for their teachers to go to Zambia. 
So the students sent “Press Release” to Global BCTV: 
“We have been fundraising money because my teacher and another teacher are going to Africa in July.  We have so far raised $3,000.” 
“Our Grade 4 class would really appreciate it if you could come to our school and interview us because we would like to share what we have accomplished.”
 These 50 children wrote letters to get Mike to come.  Press releases with neat printing and with endless hearts were sent to the TV station. 
To see more of this news worthy to be shared, click on the link.