Chances in a Million

What are the chances that you will lose your luggage twice: departure and arrival?  As it turned out my nieces were lucky.  And here’s the Facebook message: 
Well, if you want to lose your baggage twice in one trip, fly with American Airlines. Pff. 
One has to have tremendous sense of humour when you are travelling.  Thank goodness for Facebook messages: 
Heading home! In 9 hours…guess we will get to know this airport really well 
In Dallas, Almost home! — at DFW Airport Terminal D Zone 6. 
In Dallas finding cowboys – and waiting for flight 4 out of 4 to get hooome!! Bag is lost in translation though. Never mumble rude things about your baggage check in lady! She has power!!!! 
At home, at last! Now it all seems like a dream. 
Gotta love a welcome home food!! 
First day home and I’m already power washing the driveway.. 
And the best message is: 
Sometimes you just miss your mom!! Xoxo 
I feel so happy for the girls and the millions of youth who had joined the WYD 2013 pilgrimage in Brazil. 
Looking at the pictures, I can sense and imagine the tremendous excitement as being “One Bread, One Body” song with all of the pilgrims.  
This is the biggest slumber party ever, sleeping on the beach, waiting for the final day.  Better than Woodstock days. 
 This experience with the youth will certainly go down in history in our clan.  There will be stories to be told and I cannot wait to hear their stories.
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