Three days: Where did it go?

There is a gremlin in the system!

Did I ever share with you that I hate technology?  I do!  I blamed technology when the first sign of dark night of the soul surfaced.  I am overcoming this aversion to technology by joining Facebook followed by WordPress.  And I am making headways.  I’m still here after over a year of blogging.  That is a success on my part.

To prove that I can do it, I even moved to a dot-com to learn more what’s out there.  It was a challenge and still is.

Today, the challenge is the reader.  Going back to some post that I have neglected to read, I don’t see them.  The reader’s last post was three days ago.  Mind you, some of today’s read is visible.  Where did it go?

I dread of contacting the support forum once again for I have numerous e-mail going back and forth.  I must say they are very helpful.

Oh, the joys of technology.

Photo credit: Jemima’s Journal

Home… I think

Back to reality.   
Ah, my sanctuary, furry friends, plant, hummingbirds and city life.  
Where do I begin…  
First of all, everything that I posted are due to the advanced system of WordPress.  Thank you, WordPress for such excellent service you provided for our entertainment.  These Post were all prepared prior to my departure and scheduled to publish just in case I have no time to break away from having too much fun in heaven. 
Secondly, I apologize to the all if I were not able to read your post, responded to your comments and liked them.  Having a new gizmo, Apple iPad is still I have yet to learn.  Somehow, this was not thought to me in Kindergarten. 
Thirdly, here I am.  Keep Calm and keep on blogging.

Intruder Alert… A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Not only there is violence in the outside world such as Boston, but there is also violence in WordPress bloggers.  I am here to warn all of you of this blogger that I welcomed to the circle and unbeknownst to me, “it” has a hidden agenda. 
I do not take delight in exposing anyone, but I want to give you warning how evil operates in the guise of Freedom of Speech at the expense of others.  “It” feeds on others and as a responsible blogger, I want to throw some light on this.
Beware of this blogger:  These are the selected entries that I discovered that “it” posted.
Prayer Journal
Popular Prayers
I am sorry that I am the bearer of bad news.  Please help me pray for this situation.  Thank you.
This is in response to: Daily Prompt: Stranger

Have You Hug Someone Today?

If you haven’t here’s a hug for ALL {{{WordPress users}}}. 
And for your entertainment for the rest of the day.  I promise I’ll leave you alone for I’m going out to check the garden and play with the hummingbirds.  
Year 2010 in balcony

Year 2010 in balcony

 Until then….