Sacred Space

Every time I move to a new residence or work place, I make sure that I create a sacred space.  
A sacred space is an altar that will remind me what is important in my life. 
Since I spend at least 7 hours a day at work, the station that I use is my sacred space and I have an altar on it.  It consisted of an Icon of three Angels and Madonna and child, statue of Virgin Mary, Divine Mercy, dry roses and water from Lourdes.  
Sacred Space
 Looking at the Holy objects give me an assurance that all will be well even during the busyness at work.  Knowing that what I do begins and ends with God gives me a sense of clear conscience.  It is important that I do a good job that is reflective of my faith. 
As for a sacred time of prayer, I have this on the wall of my station. 
Prayer for Peace
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