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Spectacular sunset unfolds in front of me at the golden beach of Goa, India. It evokes an emotion so deep that I cannot name it in the recesses of my being. I stood fixated by the lighting of the sun … Continue reading

We have time for everything…

Amy of “shareandconnect” takes photos that jumps out to life! Her photos brings the beauty of the world. I am taking this time to share her creativity. I can no longer keep her to myself.

The World Is A Book...

We have time …
We have time for everything

beeTo sleep, or to be all over the place,
To regret mistakes and do them again,
To judge others and find excuses for ourselves,


We have time to kill a dream and recreate it later
We have time to make friends, and lose them

berryWe have time to get lessons and forget them later on,
We have time to get gifts and not understand them.

wildflowers-3We have time for everything.

sun flowers

But we don’t have time for a little kindness…

Octavian Paler (July 2, 1926 – May 7, 2007) was a Romanian writer, politician, journalist and civil society activist.

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Have an enjoyable Sunday 🙂

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