A moment of love

Homeward bound
On a cold windy stormy day
The train is half empty
At noon time. 
Moving on. 
Next station,
Two teenagers
Sat in front of me.
Male and female
Young, maybe 14 or 15
Shoulder to shoulder
They snuggled. 
Head kisses
Shoulder kisses
Starry eyes gazing
At one another.
Whispering, maybe about
Sweet nothings. 
Second station.
Another two teenagers
Again, male and female
Maybe in their early twenties
Sat in front of the
Younger teens. 
Nose kisses
Butterfly kisses
A peck on the lips 
Seeing these
From behind
Makes my heart
Grow fonder.
To see the youthfulness
Of innocent love
Maybe infatuation. 
Next station, central
Both teenagers
The seats lay bare
Nobody took over
No more young lovers. 
in my thoughts
Feeling happy for them
Love lingers 
Next station,
my stop.