I have a dream


As a young girl, her devotion to the Infant Jesus of Prague started. She dreamt of visiting Prague one day to honor Him for the many prayers and wishes granted to her. Finally, the dream came true. She found herself at the Shrine of Infant Jesus of Prague.

In Prague, she wanted to buy a statue, a replica of Infant Jesus to bring back home to Vancouver, Canada. She then asked the priest and the nuns to bless it. When it was consecrated on the altar, she prayed that may His miraculous powers be extended to the statue she’s taking home.

That was twenty years ago. Susan has seen the power of healing, miracles and answered prayers of other devotees through the Infant Jesus. It became her mission to go to Prague and get replica statues, have them blessed and prayed over. She brought these statues to many places in four corners of the world.

The feast of Holy Infant falls in the third week of May. The call of Susan’s devotion is so strong that she hasn’t missed this sacred event in Prague.

Usually, the nuns of the shrine are responsible for changing the garment of the Holy Infant. However, for the past two years, Susan was allowed to change the outfit. It was a tremendous honor and privilege given to her.

One day, Susan had an idea about how to bring relics of the Holy Infant. When she visits the shrine, she brings materials to wrap around the Holy Infant while the priests and nuns perform their veneration. The fabric then is cut into tiny pieces and attached to the prayer cards.

Relics are essential to the Catholic religion. It’s impossible in the history of humanity to exist without relics.

Infant Jesus Gowns Sewed by Susan Papas Hauck

Recently, Susan sewed three gowns for the Infant in Jodłowa, Poland: Green, Red, and White. The white material is made from her wedding gown. She has been married for 44 years. On her wedding day, usually the bride carries a wedding bouquet; instead, she carried a bible and a small statue of the Infant Jesus. That’s why it’s so meaningful for Susan to use her wedding gown material for the Infant.

On this video, Susan is joyfully dressing the Infant in the red gown. She found her calling.

This is her story.


Filmed by: Dzoem Bractawa July 25, 2018
Music by: Richard Clayderman, I have a dream
Infant Jesus Red gown is sewn and dressed by Susan Papas Hauck
Edited by: Perpetua Siglos

How do we reconcile? We hope…


Mother and Child painting by Dan Siglos (Illuminance Series)

Mother and Child painting by Dan Siglos (Illuminance Series)

“We hope that your faith inspires you to be just, loving, humble and merciful. We hope that your faith inspires you to encourage the church to be more just, more loving, more humble and more merciful.”

“We hope you find community here, people who will support you, love you, challenge you. We hope that your faith community inspires you to reach out to the larger community — to love others, to challenge them and support them. We hope that your faith inspires you to care for those in need, to be like the shepherd who smells like sheep, to perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, to be mercy for others.”

“We hope that when the world makes it difficult to live out your faith that you find the strength to persevere. We hope that you find strength in the Eucharist, in the real presence at Mass and in the people of God.”

“We hope that you are inspired by the lives of the holy men and women in heaven and the holy men and women around you now. We hope that you read and learn about your faith, drawing on the wisdom of those who have helped to shape our church. But even more, we hope that you use this knowledge to live your faith — that your life gives witness to the joy of the Gospel.”

“We hope that you love God with all your heart but that you also know that it is OK to be angry at God sometimes, that it may seem God is silent at times but that you are never alone and that God loves you right through it all. That we love you right through it all.”

“We hope that your faith inspires you to be forgiving, to let go of grudges and malice. And we hope that your faith inspires you to ask for forgiveness when you are in need of it.”

“We hope that your faith brings you great joy and that you share that joy with others.”

“We hope that you see this journey of faith as an adventure, that you know that none of us live it perfectly but that we simply try to do it sincerely and with great hope. We hope that you take time to be grateful for this life with the knowledge that this world, as beautiful and glorious and heartbreaking as it is, is not all that there is.”

Kerry Weber, an associate editor at America Magazine, a wife and mom, offered her thoughts. Her words were retrieved from a letter she and her husband wrote to her not-yet-born son on their hopes for his life in the Faith.

She reminds us that in a broken and hurting church, the church as an institution is not why we are here or what we are here for. Yet we are responsible for it, and that means holding it accountable and working to make it more truly reflect the kingdom of God. The grand jury report is one painful step toward doing just that.

Source:  Friarmusings – We hope…
Painting: Mother and Child by Dan Siglos

The Good Samaritans


The Good Samaritan

*Bonus Material: “I’ll be praying for you.”
In my last post I listed “have you tried praying about it?” as one of the things I wished you wouldn’t say to me. Now, I don’t want you to take that statement out of context. I was referencing the belief that prayer will make my mental illness disappear, or that I’m mentally ill because “I let the devil in”. I said this in my last post, and I’ll say it again; “My mental illness is not caused by the absence of God, or presence of the devil… it’s a chemical imbalance that I’ll have to live with during my time on Earth, regardless of my relationship with God.”

Now, I want to make one thing abundantly clear. I am a Christian. I believe in prayer. I believe that Jesus, the Son of God, is the only way to achieve Salvation. I also believe that no one will ever love me as much as Jesus loves me. Therefore, I would love it if you would pray for me. But, just pray for me, as me. Don’t try to pray my mental illness away, that’s not the way it works. Pray for my piece of mind. Pray for me to always have a close relationship with God. Pray for me to be a good messenger; to bring kindness and joy to others.

Offering to pray for a person is always appropriate, if done for the right reason. So, when you offer to pray for someone, or suggest that they pray, talk to God first, and make sure you are coming from a place of love.

Source: 10 Reassuring Things I Want to Hear You Say: Mental Health Awareness
Painting: Luke 10:30-37 by Dan S. Siglos

Personal Note:
I am grateful for Elizabeth to have written “Harmless Things” You Say That Hurt Me: Mental Health Awareness and providing a solution in a follow-up post Reassuring Things I Want to Hear You Say: Mental Health Awareness.  Thank you, Elizabeth.

From the ten things, I chose the topic of prayer because I belong to a strong Catholic upbringing. I feel resigned to matters of life at the moment as I am going through another blow-up of mental instability.  I depend on all those who pray for me, care for me and their kindness. Thank you, all.