Seasons in the sun


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I love the sun. I want to catch it, if I could, keep it for myself. As I was about to reach out for it, a boy races towards the sun, beckoning to come along to play with him. Soon … Continue reading

Just another day at the observatory

The Sun was shining,
birds were chirping,
high-flying birds photobombers

“Here at the National Air and Space Museum , we’re always interested in things that incorporate both Air and Space. As you can imagine, an example like this had our jaws on the floor. So we thank you, high-flying birds, even if you did “ruin” our footage.”

Source: Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

As Above, So Below

One has to have good walking shoes in order to travel far on foot.IMG 100  But how many shoes do I need?  And which one will go with my attire for the day.  Decisions, decisions.  It’s hard enough to think what I have to wear everyday to work, to pick the best shoes is another story.

IMG 101

It’s a beautiful sunny day.  People are happy based on this drawing on the sidewalk.

The one o’clock sun cast a shadow in front of me and I can see how the wind ruffles my clothing.  Good thing I remembered to tie my hair, otherwise, it will be all over the place.

As I thought of what is above me, it reminded me of the Emerald Tablet written by Hermes.  There are other thinkers who have expanded it so well.

IMG 104

Heaven above, heaven below;

stars above, stars below;

all that is above, thus also below;

understand this and be blessed.

 – Kircher, Prodrom




The writings on the ground say it all.  I hope who ever Tara was found some compassion IMG 102to forgive the writer.  For Tara in another language means compassion.

Even after all this time,
the Sun
does not say
to the Earth,
you owe me.
what happens with
a love
like that. It

As for the tablet, this is what I captured that speaks close to my heart.

IMG 107

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