If I were to remove myself from Facebook, would anyone notice that I was gone?


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I used to get phone calls all the time and talk forever I would pride myself as a conversationalist I still am. Phone conversations are now limited to volunteer work Without them there would be none Calling the older generation … Continue reading

Social Media

Be very careful on what you post via e-mail, texting, tweeting or Facebook is what I instill in the minds of the children and adults alike. 
When the e-mail came out, there was a faux pas at the work level and it was a cause for dismissal. Some employers do snoop around when it comes to social media because it is now public. Some people are just waiting for one slip of a post and that will be a mark against us. And some people will read between the lines  since it is impossible to cover all aspects of the subject and they will make their own conclusion. 
Social media: is it good or evil?
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