The Mystery of Silhouette

In the beginning of a concert, on the stage, all we see is an outline.
The Mystery of Silhouette

Philippines Historama

It’s intriguing
It’s dramatic

Spirit Alive

 It’s simple

It’s open to interpretation

It makes me wonder

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now you see it

Philippines Historama Dance Troupe

Now you see it

Spirit Alive Choir Group

Children’s Silhouette

silhoutte kids

This must be one of my favourite photos of the children.

It was a fun-filed-beach day for the whole family.  As the sun starts setting, the effect of taking a photo created a silhouette effect. Being an amateur photographer, it’s always fun to see the outcome of photo.

I think this is not bad at all.

Live, Laugh, Love to the fullest!