Dream of a life time.

For ten days, the Sochi 2014 connected me with the whole world  and it was relatively exciting time of sportsmanship.  I was even surprised to see in Facebook that the Philippines joined in figure skating even if a medal is not in the plan, to be part of it is an honor.

I did not really watch any of the games, however, I kept my ears open to the daily news, the cheering of colleagues and poking my head in the office cafeteria to see who is watching the Olympics game.  I’ve read some controversies about gay right activist to animal lovers.  Olympics is such a political event no matter how they put it. We had our fair share in Vancouver 2010.

The Washington Post wrote a good article about this:

“In the end, it was the right thing for the Olympics to come to Sochi, for all the wrong reasons. If the Winter Games had been staged somewhere else, then we never would have seen this still-rising emblem of the “new Russia” — so visually spectacular yet suggestive of a vast chasm between potential and reality. Here’s hoping that the promise of Sochi will be real.”

The top ten:
top 10

So, what’s next?  Let’s see what will be the talk at the office at the water cooler, this will be interesting.