Carefree Circle

Our clan from different parts of the world gather together every two years for a reunion at the lake of Chilliwack, British Columbia.  It is normally a weekend of fun and frivolity; a carefree weekend and then some. 
Some people will start coming in on Friday to stake out camp grounds and picnic fields that is big enough for our family, relatives and friends. 
I normally show up for the main event, the fun part; eating and games. 
The most meaningful part of reunion is when we gather in a circle.  A Prayer Circle.  
We prayerfully give thanks to our Creator for providing us the opportunity to be together and be grateful for the gift of life.  We live behind all our cares to our Creator in order for us to be free of worries and concern, just for today.  Amen. 
And the fun begins.  

Painted Sky ~ It’s twilight time

Heavenly shades of night is falling
It’s twilight time  ….
A fleeting moment of painted sky sang by the Platters is dreamy. 

When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Bella Remy Photography of Hoof Beats and Foot Prints captured this dream picture and posted it in Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting.  I love the picture so much that Bella, with her generosity, sent me a print of this magnificent heavenly shades. 
This is the second time that Emily of Bella Remy Photography sent me her photography.  The first photo I received was a great Wise Owl I posted in Colour me happy 
With grateful heart, thank you, Emily.  Now the Owl will look good beside the painted sky. 
Emily’s site is full of happiness and I enjoy being there. Come, visit, join us and see for yourself. 
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