At a moment of Grace

Residents pray inside a damage Catholic Church after Typhoon Haiyan damaged Tacloban, Philippines.  With the gifts of faith, hope, and love the Filipinos will recover and become stronger people.

Source:  BC Catholic November 15, 2013 issue

Source: BC Catholic November 15, 2013 issue

Do not mourn Nature,
For you will discover,
A new growth underneath,
Hope will always deliver.
Rise to the occasion,
Leave the worrying,
Provide us with beauty,
That is your calling.


Thank you for the Sunday music, Diana Rasmussen

Hand in hand

Kindness and generosity go hand in hand.  And we thank you for you extending a helping hand.

The Filipinos are extending their grateful hearts and I am sharing a note from Facebook of TruPinoy.

z Pinoy TY

A grateful nation thanks all of your very generous hearts and outpouring support in the rescue/relief/recovery/rehabilitation efforts on the devastation brought about by Typhoon Yolanda (International code name: Haiyan).

May every Filipino you encounter in the world thank you all personally. Our people affected by the recent natural disasters may not have a very Merry Christmas, but because of all of you, they will feel that there is hope for one. God-bless all of you and all those in this country who make it better for others in need.

AUSTRALIA – US$10 million package
BELGIUM – medical and search and rescue personnel
CANADA – C$5 million…
DENMARK – KR 10 million
GERMANY – 23 tons of relief goods
HUNGARY – search and rescue personnel and rapid response team
INDONESIA – in-kind donations
ISRAEL- team of medical, trauma and relief professionals
JAPAN – emergency relief medical team
MALAYSIA – medical and search and rescue teams
THE NETHERLANDS – undisclosed financial aid
NEW ZEALAND – NZ $2.15 million
NORWAY – KR 20 million
RUSSIA – rapid response team
SAUDI ARABIA through Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – US$100,000
SINGAPORE – $50,000
SPAIN – in-kind donations
SWEDEN- emergency communications equipment
TAIWAN – $200,000
TURKEY – medics, rapid response team, search and rescue personnel
UNITED KINGDOM – £6 million and $9.6 million worth of emergency support package
UNITED NATIONS Children’s Fund – $1.3 million worth of supplies
UNITED STATES – initial $100,000 for water and sanitation; Troops, emergency respondents, transportation and equipment

Many have asked me if I have any family in the Philippines and if they are affected.  Two siblings are in the Philippines and luckily they are not affected.  However, there is one person that I connect with in WordPress and I have not heard from him.  The last we “talked” he was worried about Yolanda.  Then silence.
Today, I a note from him that he is “Still Here”.  Thank goodness. 
Please keep them in your prayers.  Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.
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Philippine Independence Day

Since the beginning of June, the Filipino community is celebrating the Philippine Independence. 
A brief background:  The Filipinos revolted against the Spanish in 1896;  followed with an outbreak of  war between Spanish and American.  With the help of Americans, Philippine gained its independence on June 12, 1898. 
In Vancouver, several venues were going on: 
Raising of the Philippine flag at the Vancouver City Hall
Raising the Flag

Raising the Flag

Waterfront Party for two days 
North Shore Waterfront

North Shore Waterfront

Traditional Dancing 

Traditional clothing 
Traditional Clothing

Traditional Clothing

Behind these pictures is the Paparazzi aka my brother and the mayor 

National Anthem – Filipino language with English translation 
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