“Each One of Us Has An Angel”

From a very young age I always have had a belief in Angels, I have seen them and felt them close by when needed. 
My childhood was difficult with violence in the family then the split of the family. We all think of Angels as beautiful figures dressed in white with huge wings. One of my Angels was a child my age that used to come and sit with me on the edge of my bed. 
As I grew I got use to the Angels, I read up about them, learned about them. Each one of us has an Angel assigned to us on the day we are born.  This Angel is with you standing in the wings (no pun intended), waiting for you to ask help and that’s it. 
Now if you ask for £1million……… well tough. You are not going to get it, but if you ask strength at a particular moment then your Angel will be there with his/her arm around your shoulder. 
Please don’t ask me why children die, or people die in accidents or of cancers if they have Angels. I don’t know, these things happen and there must be a reason new-born babies have their first dream and then taken away from us, only the Almighty knows. I have asked that question many times as I have been in that situation. 
How to contact your Angel: first it’s a matter of trust. Trust your Angel to be there, then get yourself relaxed in a quiet room, no need for candles or incense, but if it will help you relax then do it. Close your eyes and ask your Angel to come forward and to tell you their name, now really listen with your ears, mind and especially your heart. You will hear their name; you will feel warmth, a comfort and joy. 
Then thank them for their name and ask them for help, over the next few days look for signs, feelings of comfort in your home and white feathers. 
It works for me. Have Faith, Love and Hope that’s all you need. 
by: Pete, My Sore Soul 
Pete, thank you for sharing your testimony. This is the comment of Pete from my post Do you believe in Angels.  Please direct your comments to him and feel free to visit his site,  My Sore SoulPete, please feel free to response to them.  Again, thank you.