Saving a horse during forest wildfire. Job well done.


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Behold, a pink horse: mom in B.C. wildfire zone laughs hysterically after son’s paint job. It’s hard to pack a horse. So before releasing a horse during forest fire; write your name, phone number and name of the horse using … Continue reading

News worth watching

Every night, I watch the evening news at 6 pm. News are not necessarily entertaining, however, last night was an exception.

The news anchor of Global News BC, Chris Gailus shared Kristi Gordon, Head Meteorologists, video of her son singing “Oh Christmas Tree.”

Watch how Jordan Klawer won the hearts of the viewers and “stole” the show. Listen to every words and notice the hand gestures; this young man is just fabulous. It wasn’t that long ago when he was just a baby.

It would be interesting to see how many views this video will get. In an hour, at 8 pm, there’s already 2,000 hits.

Just priceless.

Pretty in Pink

Photographer: Glen Lawson (Globe and Mail)

Photographer: Glen Lawson (Globe and Mail)

“Don’t worry about walking a mile in my shoes, just try a day thinking in my head.” ~ unknown

Men and boys walked a kilometre and half along the Burlington lakeshore in high heels in support of the Hope in High Heels Walk.  They walked in heels to show support for women and children living in and fleeing from abusive situations.

These men wore pink shirts as well to be part of the solution to end violence against women.  It’s all about Hope in High Heels.

Summer is over

This is blocking the view.

Good thing summer is over.

Source: Flickr/CC-BY-2.0/Kyle May

Think of it this way, he has from October to May to hit the gym and start working out.  If he remains the same, Paul Sullivan has something to say about it.

You’ll have to fake it.

Turning that spare tire into a six-pack will take the whole summer and you’ll be ready for your beach close-up just in time to head back to school, fool.

There are a number of things you can do, like suck your stomach in as you stroll, all nonchalant, along the shore. If anyone asks why your face is so red, just tell them you burn easily from the neck up. Like all those other red-faced shore stalkers going by.

Then there’s the briefest-possible-moment-of-exposure tactic. Just drag your beach blanket and mummy kit as close to the water as you can without being swamped, then disrobe quickly, flashing your bi- or mono-kini, and then immerse yourself up to your neck as quickly as possible.

To get out of the water successfully, repeat in reverse. Do not, like Daniel Craig, emerge from the surf in glorious 3D slow motion. You’ll scare the little kids on the beach.

Make sure to do whatever you can to avoid the inverse beach fitness rule. That is: The less fit you are, the more flesh you expose. Don’t be that guy with the beach ball for a belly and the speedo. If that bikini didn’t look quite right in that artfully lit Swimco mirror, how do you think it’s going to look out here, in the stark light of day?

I don’t want to cramp your style, but you don’t have any, especially when your body is a gallery of all your deepest thoughts written in flesh. Tattoos, even Angelina Jolie’s — especially Angelina Jolie’s — don’t make it better. You look like human graffiti.

There are some people, of course, who look fantastic on the beach, all fresh and tousled and tanned. They’re called children. They don’t count.

Paul Sullivan is a writer for a local newspaper, Metro News.

Trinity is alive … a happy ending

It’s very seldom that I see cats roaming around the neighborhood.  When I do see one, I play with it and hoping that it has a home to go to.  And I pray that it won’t follow me home. 
There were two occasions that I wanted to take the cats home that were homeless.  Well, I did take one home.  How it happened was due to Megan, my little sister.  Megan found a cat around the school yard.  She calls her “shadow” and is very concerned about the cat. 
The cat is gray and really skinny for my liking.  So I told Megan to observe the cat for the whole week.  Should the cat be still around when I come and visit the following week, I’ll take action.  Megan was all keen about this modus operandi. 
The following week, she excitedly told me “shadow” is still around.  I kept my word and took the cat home.  In the meantime, she has another assignment.  I asked her to write notices and post it all around the neighborhood that I have the cat and use her as a contact person.  She loved the idea and felt she’s saving the poor cat. 
In the meantime, I have another cat at home, Maurice.  This is not going to go well.  And it didn’t.  But before that, I took “shadow” to the vet and make sure it’s not carrying anything that will pass on to Maurice.  Cost me an arm and a leg for vet. 
Week later, Megan told me that she received a phone call that their cat is missing and it fits the description of “shadow”.  Thank goodness, I hope they are the owner.  And they were. 
The following day, Father and daughter arrived at my door step with a bouquet of flower.  Tears of joy.  Rosie is her name not “shadow”.  My advice to them is never ever let Rosie out again. 
The second cat was a Russian Blue.  You know how expensive they are and beautiful?  Of course, I can’t just merrily take the cat home.  Again, we posted tons of posters.  The same day, the owner came and wanted to give us $100 reward.  No, thank you, just take good care of your cat.  I said the same advice.  Keep the cat indoors for there will be no next time.  I’ll definitely raise your cat and sell it for $1,000. 
This story is inspired by a cat named Trinity.  Trinity the cat spent six days stuck up a hydro pole in Kamloops, before workers came to help. 
To view the news, here’s the link: Cat stuck up on a hydro pole