When Pigs Fly

Most of the Super Bowl commercials have the “aawww” factor but not the tickle-my-bone-funny until my belly ache from laughing and bubbles coming out of my nose.

I live for Super Bowl’s commercials, not the game.

When it comes to sports, I think pigs will fly if the Canucks win this season. Yes, I wrote if, not when.

When the pigs fly, they would have flown with the Canadian geese instead off to a better pasture land, join a team that actually can play and wins the hockey game. Yes, I wrote when not if because it’s more believable to think that pigs will fly than the Canucks will win a game.

Seriously, “When Pigs Fly” Dorito commercial won second place in high stakes ad, it feels good to know that the filmmaker is from Vancouver, Canada. The prize is a tune of $50,000 USD, convert that to Canadian, the return is better should he wants plenty of loonies or toonies. Loonies are one dollar coin and toonies are two dollar coin.

This little piggy is flying all the way to the bank.

Here are more Super Bowl commercials. Tell me if these are funny. If they are, I think I’ve lost my funny bones.

#RealStrength Men+Care
Always #LikeAGirl
Invisible Mindy Kaling

Next year, Super Bowl, please don’t cut the funnies.

Olympic Hockey Men`s Finale: Golden hour or Unholy hour

Time difference:  BIG Time
4 am, Vancouver, BC, Canada time
Olympic Hockey Mens finale
At this time, I
m in the middle of my dream.
Should the neighbour is quiet, Canada lost.
Should I hear the screaming sound and the honking of the horns,
Lets see if Ill come out of my dreams that I`m in Sochi celebrating with them.



SPORTS ALERT Thursday, February 20, 2014 3:14 PM EST

Canadian Women Rally to Beat U.S. in Overtime for Hockey Gold


The women’s gold-medal hockey game on Thursday night between the United States and Canada followed an eerily familiar script. Four years after the men’s teams from the two countries played a riveting Olympic final that was decided in overtime, the women did the same.

This time, as in Vancouver in 2010, Canada came out on top when the forward Marie-Philip Poulin beat the American goaltender, Jessie Vetter, with a shot from the left circle with 11:50 remaining in overtime. Poulin, 22, also scored the goal that sent the game into overtime.

What a moment!  Exciting!  We are so proud of you and congratulations, Canada.