Three – a crowd or company?


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Ideally, it is normal for a couple to have a child as a symbol of their love for each other. Now they become three and complete. Can I apply the same principle with my cats, Maurice and Lucy? They supposedly … Continue reading

Thirst For Krishna

Thirst for Krishna, to see Him, to hear Him, to listen to His Flute, for installing Him in the heart and mind, Sai Babaand for grasping His reality through the intellect – this thirst is most conducive to peace and joy.

Devotion to Krishna is the chain by which the monkey mind can be fastened and subdued. The word Krish means to attract. 

Lord Krishna attracts your mind towards Him and turns them away from sensory desires that torment you. He satisfies the deepest thirst of all beings, for peace, joy and wisdom. Hence thirst for Krishna is a sign of health in the spiritual field. Repetition of the name Krishna is useless, unless the contemplation of the Glory of Krishna starts purifying your character.

The Grace of the Lord is very powerful and is endowed on the deserving alone. Hence begin today to sublimate your character saturated with piety and devotion. Then you will secure the Grace of the Lord.

– Sathya Sai Baba Speaks

Nirvana – State of Bliss

Should I have been born as a Buddhist or a Hindu, I will make sure that I reach Nirvana in this life, a state of bliss, therefore, no reincarnation.  Reincarnation is kind of boring in my opinion.  One life is enough. 
And more importantly, I would like other spirits to have a chance to be born and experience life. 
I think Einstein was a cat in his previous life.  And here’s a proof. 
DP Feb 8, 2013 humour_reincarnation
 This is in response to Daily Prompt: Reincarnation.  Come, join us and share your thoughts.