Look Down and Stay in the box

step inside

Image source: John Virgolino at Flickr

This is my kind of line, step inside for happiness instead of the yellow tape we use that is a touchy subject for most people.

It’s so easy to miss the sign if one is not looking below the belt or where you’re stepping. The line-up at our market has an attendant checking the shoppers to mind the line.

I must admit, I am enjoying the personal spacing between me and others. I can move, I can breathe, I am in my comfort zone.

What about you? What do you think of seeing these signs where to stand?


Happy Nurses Week – love being one ♥️💞


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She posted Happy Nurses Week – love being one ♥️💞 on Facebook For her, being a nurse is a vocation, not a job. She’s a ped, short for Paediatric Nurse. It’s in her nature. I’ve listened to her countless stories what it’s like to take … Continue reading

Ordinary act of an ordinary man


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These two young porters were passing by Imja Valley, Everest Region, Nepal at an altitude of above 5,000 meters with carrying goods for a trekking/climbing group. In Nepal, such porters can earn only a minimal sum of money despite their hard … Continue reading

Take your happiness out for a walk


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According to The Bright side,  “This is what happiness really looks like: Molecules of the protein myosin drag a ball of endorphins along an active filament into the inner part of the brain’s parietal cortex, which produces feelings of happiness.” … Continue reading

It’s still raining. So intoxicating!


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I don’t  which one is more intoxicating. To take a close up photo of an African Queen Basil whose sweet aroma fills my nose or the smell of a wetness that permeates the earth to quench our thirst. “What would spirituality … Continue reading

Think Happy Thoughts

Today, someone sent me this note: “Think happy thoughts and good things will happen.”

It came at a time when the world around me is crumbling down. I am fine but not the people who I care about. I wish I can share the value of thinking positively that nothing is over until the fat lady sings.

It does take a lot of imagination to think happy thoughts. In order for me to see it vividly in my mind, there are several wallpaper on my computer to ignite and to tickle my funny brain.


Source: SoundingSoul Photography – Maria Vanesa Acuto

I can still remember the lady who took this photo. She has a very warm heart in doing volunteer work for SPCA.


The color of the hummingbird is effervescent and glitters as I hurriedly took a shot of it before it flew away.


And I am throwing this in to make everyone smile.

“Vivid is limited only by your imagination.”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Vivid.”

I am happy and I always will be.


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   Totem Pole Mother is the Beaver because she is hardworking, looking after the children, cooking, cleaning and everything else. Little sister is the loon because she goes up to her room and reads all by herself. Sometimes she goes … Continue reading

The Things Said

96yr old


“In five days, I’ll be 96 years old.

I never smoked.
I never had any stress.
I was dumb
I worked low-level jobs with no responsibility.

I worked until I was 84, with two jobs.
I worked at an office until five o’clock,
and then I went to work as a waitress
— it was a happy job, feeding people.

Then you take your uniform off,
and your job is done.
But somebody has to do
the stressful jobs, too.”

“Do you have any regrets?”

“Oh, I’ve made lots of mistakes.”

“With education and jobs?”

“No, no. With people.
And that hurts the most
— the things you’ve said to people.”

Happiness: Buddha style

Happiness is not about maximizing and accumulating pleasurable experiences. As the Buddha pointed out, impermanence is the order of the day. Pleasures are inherently fleeting and don’t provide a solid foundation for enduring satisfaction.

When you take care of meaning, positivity has a way of taking care of itself. In other words, you don’t have to strive to be happy and collect all those extroverted types of “happy” experiences. Instead, when you engage with meaningful projects in the present moment, particularly ones that benefit others, positive emotions naturally follow.
buddhaThe Buddha’s version of happiness might be most aptly captured by the term that often gets translated as equanimity. Equanimity refers to being there in the middle of things, without needing things to be different than they are. Equanimity brings acceptance and interest to what is happening at the moment.

From this perspective, it is possible to be “happy” even when things are not going well. There is great freedom found in the capacity to be equanimous. Perhaps this is why the Buddha always has that contended little half-smile on his face.

The Buddha didn’t need excitement, thrills, and “good times” to be happy. His happiness was quiet contentment that abided in every moment, regardless of what was happening. Introverts, like the Buddha, have access to a rich interior experience. We need to learn to keep that inner intensity from becoming an obsession, rumination, and worry.

We can embrace this aspect of our Buddha-nature when we expand our definition of happiness to move beyond high arousal, extrovert-dominated one to include low-arousal introverted-based feelings.

Happiness resides in contentment, peacefulness, and appreciation of everything that is happening around us in every moment. This version of happiness is more robust, available, and enduring. Happiness is always ever a breath away.

To read the full article, click on this link:   Psychology Today: The Buddha was introvert



Happiness is Laundry Day

How can I be so happy to see an empty laundry room.  No competition!  I can do three loads of laundry all at once instead of having to wait for the next available machine.

When it comes to laundry day, I have to learn the habits of my neighbours.  Weekends are out.  I wouldn’t dare go to the laundry room.  There is always a line up.  Busy, busy, busy. Early mornings are out, too.  I’d rather have that extra sleep with the kitties and sleep in.

Monday and Tuesday nights is continuation of weekend for those people who did not do their washing.  During the day of the week is definitely out, I work; unless I call in sick just to do laundry.  The best time for me is on Thursday and Friday nights.  It’s a mad dash for me to get home fast to do the laundry.

There is a system to this madness.

On Wednesday, I prepare the dirty clothes for laundry night.  As you can see, I use a wheelie to carry the hamper.  When I come home on Thursday, every thing is ready.  Say a quick prayer that the room is empty if not repeat performance on Friday.

Between these, I have to make sure that I have laundry detergents and plenty of coins.  Otherwise, I have to wash some items by hand should I run out of undergarments.  Opsey, sorry to air out my dirty laundry.

I must say washing machines and dryers are the best invention ever.  No more washing dirty clothes by hand.

Oh, happy days.

Happiness is humour

As the saying goes, humour is the best medicine.  A good laugh cultivates our inner joy.  Laughing is better when it’s shared.  Therefore, allow me to share this anecdote.

One day Mullah Nasruddin was passing through a busy bazaar of his hometown. Many of his disciples followed him. They were copying every move the Mullah was making. If he looked skyward, they looked skyward. If he bent down to touch his toes, they bent down to touch their toes. If he spread his arms in the air, they spread their arms in the air. All this looked silly to the onlookers. Wondering what was going on, one shopkeeper came to the Mullah and inquired.

Mullah Nasruddin replied rather casually, “I am enlightening their minds.”

“How?” asked the confused shopkeeper.

Mullah replied, “It is simple. Every morning when they come to me, I count them and whoever is missing I consider his mind enlightened.”

This makes me smile every time I read it.  You may find this post in Sufi Ways “Ha Ha Ha” Sufi Style.

Thank you Kamran Zafar.