Bears of British Columbia, Canada

Greenland posted a video that is made from British Columbia, Canada and I was hoping to see a real bear made in Artic!


British Columbia has Kermodo and Grizzly bears. I think this Polar bear from Greenland wants to move in Canada.

Very clever, The Fourth Continent.

Contact of the Fourth Kind

The Mother ship heard my SOS whether Greenland exists and she sent the fourth kind to contact me.

Contact!  Greenland, contacted me.  Was I ever surprised?  Of course! Unbelievable!!!  Did the Mother ship abduct me?  No, it only wants the young and the restless.

This was my SOS post: Greenland, do you exists?  She does exist. We are not talking about little green people here.  See for yourself.  Read what she commented on my post.

To prove; this is an image of my today’s map.

Will I share her with you?  Nope, finder’s keeper.  Just kidding.

Everyone, I am proud to introduce to you, Greenland, The Fourth Continent.

Let us welcome Greenland into our blogging path. Please be gentle, no pushing, no shoving, and one at a time.  We do not want to scare her and she might take off with the Mother ship again.

Thank you, The Fourth Continent for making my dream comes true.  Hopefully, one day I will reach Greenland.

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