Pre-thought, aftermath, side-effects: Eerie


To find a perfect pumpkin, you let the baby loose in the field to choose while the adults have fun pushing the wheelbarrow in the patch.

Parents have to think of safe ways for Super Baby to go out trick or treating.  One has to call his Super Friends, Super Mice, Super Grandpa, Super Auntie and Uncle to come along as well.

Safety in numbers will dispel any eerie thoughts of the parents while they are out just around the cul-de-sac.


Carved pumpkins with lit up candle inside will cast how eerie looking they are. The glow will surely scare the ghosts away.

Gather all the candies; count how many same of a kind in their loot.  Those candies are equal to a kilo of sugar.

Keep the Super Baby away from the fireworks to prevent any eerie mishaps.


Super Baby had one too many chocolates and was just spinning all over the place.

And these candies will surely bring your dental bills skyrocketing, and your dentist will love you for it.

Cavities and toothless, now, that is Eerie.

And who is going to clean up the mess but Super Granny.