Sweating with Fear – Saturated

Can one get any wetter?  Wet is wet.  That’s it.  These were my thoughts as I was feeding the ducks at Stanley Park and another thought pop up.  Do ducks get wet?  Or does water just roll down on their backs?

What an introspective mind I had that afternoon for a simple activity of feeding the ducks when I can just easily enjoy the moment.   And I did.

z WP Sept 28, 2013 (1)

These ducks are smart when they see humans.  They very well know that we can’t resist feeding them even when there is a sign “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS.”  Ignoring the sign, I have half a loaf of baguette that I do not want to waste.

On the other side of the bank, I saw a racoon.  Go away, bandit, you are not invited.  Do you think the bandit understands?  Of course, not!  Bandit had his eyes on the bread.

What happened next, bandit went for a swim across the bank, on my side of the lagoon.  Then bandit started calling his family: “Come and follow” in bandit’s purring sound.  A Mama and a baby raccoon heeded his call.

Now what? How am I going to get out of this situation?  The exit is where the raccoons are.

Please note that this may sound like slow motion but this incident happened in a flash.

Panic set in.  I started to sweat and wanted to shout “Go away”.  Too late, they came charging towards me and all I can do is jump on the bench.

Help ~ thieves ~ bandits; these raccoons are stealing the bread. I threw the bread to the other side of the lagoon, they run after it. I quickly jump out of the bench and ran out faster than a speeding bullet.

Sweating with fear during this incident, wet and saturated with my perspiration.  I am safe and sound.

Caution – Foreshadow

Caution ~ a yellow tape wrapped around one part of the park greeted me.  This is not the first time I’ve seen it.  It comes on and off.  
This is a little bit disturbing for me because I work around here.  Every day, I pass by the park to get to work. 
What is happening here?  Does this  mean, KEEP OUT for: 
Sleepers on the park 
moving in
Someone who wants to move in 
dog (2)
Wild Ducks 
Geese During the Big One Drill
Wild Geese 
What could it be?  
 Aha!  A day in the park of fun 
sports day

And s-t-r-e-t-c-h: yoga

yoga in the park