Remember to remember

Henry Miller 1946

Henry Miller 1946

I want to remember as much as possible
the events of my life be it pleasant or
unpleasant as long as I can.  There are
times that I want to remember less.

Someone told me instead of remembering,
remember to forget. And I ponder about this
and what came to mind, sooner or latter
a time will come, it will happen without even
having to remember.

Image of Henry Miller from Flavor Wire

Draw yourself

Being Friday and end of January 2014,  draw yourself a happy face.

z kostasHe never received formal art training. A mix of luck, ignorance, curiosity and delusions of adequacy somehow allowed him to start earning a living by drawing pictures before he even reached twenty, and thus abandoning a promising career as a cook for a lovely Mexican joint. – See more at: About Kosta

Sketch by: Kosta Kiriakakis

Promise that you will not laugh

Thank you for participating with the Daily Drawing Contest.  These were your choices: 
Staff 2 received 1 vote – Hungry bird
Staff 5 received 3 votes  – Martin Luther King
Staff 9 received 2 votes – Hungry fishes 
Good eyes, for they were all chosen winners.  
I am so glad that I managed to entice my peers to draw and join the contest.  In our department, only three of us participated and all of us are winners, we cleaned up the prizes. 
Remember in my previous post that I prefer sacred geometry: a line and a circle.  I drew Staff 9 titled “Namaste”.  It’s my self-portrait.  Only half of my face is showing because I am too shy plus the pink hair for anti-bullying. 
Many times, I mentioned that I love hummingbirds and that is Staff 3.  It’s was mostly strokes of straight and oblique lines. 
And the third picture I drew was the family of First Nations.  I have also mentioned before in a post being with the Elders in North Vancouver and Starr who received the “Courage to Come Back” award.  Again, circles and straight lines. 
As much as I am trying to use the right side of my brain, somehow, the left side of my brain is dominant.  What I am aiming for in the future, hopefully, my brain will become centered. 
And now for the winning picture, I received an 8.5 x 11 wire-bound sketch pad to further my ambition to become an artist. 


Artist Among the Staff

To bring out the fun and the child within us, a Daily Draw contest was set-up at the head office for the staff.  
For a week, we can enter our daily drawings, sketch or doodles and we will have a chance to win.  Every day a winning drawing was selected. 
I encouraged my peers to use their right brain, start flexing their creative muscles and enjoy a break from counting beans.  Oh, what a joy. 
 At the end of the week, all drawings were displayed to celebrate how important drawing is.
Staff Drawings

Staff Drawings

Please, don’t laugh at our drawings.  There is no comparison to what the children drew.  Our minds are already conditioned and we have lost a few brain cells.  As a matter of fact, one of my drawings was the first winner! 
Here are some of the entries from our department and some of them are a winner.  See if you can pick which are mine and the winning drawing.  

Artist in Residence

At the school level, give the children a booklet, pencils and crayons; they are happy as they can be to start drawing.
Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

Children are born with the propensity to draw at an early age.  There is really no need to teach the children how to draw.  Random scribbles will change over the years as the child matures.  Drawing is the language through which they are best able to express subtle or complex perceptions, thoughts and feelings.  These are vital for mental development, emotional health and healing. 
Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

Drawing is the child’s most effective language for achieving these goals.  These are some of the drawings the school board posted for us to admire at the head office. 
Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence