How a tweet can bring out the twit in you.


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A young deer was spotted roaming downtown Vancouver Tuesday morning, sparking concern for the animal’s safety. It spread like wildfire through tweets. First tweet:  Something you don’t typically see in downtown Vancouver – a young deer on Granville Street. From … Continue reading

The Hunter and The Deer

Thought Summary wrote a post about Lord Shiva mostly in Hindi.  Since I am particularly interested in other’s belief system, I request if she kindly translate it for me in English.  
Ask and you shall receive.  She did translate it and received it as a reply to my comment. 
I am taking the liberty of posting since I cannot reblog a comment.  Hope you will enjoy her writing as much as I do.

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Once Godesss Parvati aksed lord Shiva that is there any easy fast through which the people can seek your blessings. To which Shiv ji told her the saga of the shivratri ,and how the fast of shivratri lets the people seek the blessings of Shiv Baba. 
Once there a hunter in a village. By killing animals, he used to feed his family. He was indebted to a moneylender, but he could not return he loans on time. Filled with anger, the moneylender, made him a prisoner and kept him in the Shiva Math.  Accidentally, that day was Shiva Ratri. 
Hunter meditated about God, then heard the religious talk about Lord Shiva. He also heard the Shiva Ratri Katha on Chaturdashi. In the evening, the moneylender, called him and had a talk on paying of loans. The hunter promised to repay all of the loan on the next day and he got free from the bond. 
Like his routine, he went out to hunt in the woods, but staying caged the whole day, he was starving with hunger and thirst. For hunting, he went at the banks of a pond and started making a camp near the tree of Bel. There was a Shiva Linga under the Bel tree, which was covered with leaves of Bel. But, the hunter did not know about it. 
While making a camp, the twigs he was breaking, accidentally fell on the Shiva Linga. This way, fast of hunter was concluded as he did not eat anything and leaves of Bel were also offered to Shiva Linga. 
After the phase of night got over, one pregnant doe, reached the pond to drink water. As the hunter positioned the arrow on the bow and got ready to disembark, the deer said”I am pregnant. I will soon have my delivery. you will kill two lives together, which is not a correct thing. After giving birth to my child, i will soon come to you. Then you can kill me.” Hunter loosed this bow, and the doe got lost in the bushes. 
On loosing the prey, his mind got disturbed. He got tensed, as the last phase of night was getting over. At that time, one doe with her children was passing from there. It was a golden opportunity for the hunter. He did not take time to place the arrow on the bow, then the doe said “O! hunter, I will return back after sending these children to their father. Don’t kill me at this time.” 
Hunter laughed and said, “I am not a fool, that I will leave the hunt in front of me. Before this I had lost my prey for two times. My children might be starving with hunger and thirst.” 
Answering him, the doe said, “like your love for your children is making you worried, similar is the case for me. So, am asking for the lease of life, just for my children. Hey! hunter, believe me, I promise to return immediately after i leave them, to their father.” 
On hearing the words of doe, hunter felt pity on her. And, he the doe. Due to the lack of prey, the hunter sitting on Bel tree, started plucking the leaves of Bel and dropped them down. As the dawn came in, a strong dear came on the same path. Hunter had thought, he would kill this prey for sure. 
Looking at the bow and arrow of the hunter, deer said in a pleading voice, “Hey brother hunter! If you have killed the three doe and their small children, who passed the way before me, then, don’t delay in killing me. So, that I don’t have to suffer the pain of separation because I am the husband of those does. And, if you gave them the lease of life, then, please, grant my life for sometime. I will present myself in front of you, after meeting them. 
On the night of fast, doing Jagran and offering Bel leaves, filled the violent heart of hunter with love and emotions. Bhagwad power grew in him. Bow and arrow from his hand were comfortably removed. By the grace of Lord Shiva, his violent heart was filled with emotions. He started remembering his past activities and began to burn in the flame of remorse. 
After sometime, the deer with his whole family, came to the hunter so that he could hunt the deer and his family. But, looking at the bonding, love, purity and such a truth among wild animal, made him feel guilty. Tears started rolling down from his eyes. By not killing that deer family, the hunter moved his heart from killing living beings, and became soft and kind hearted. 
All deity in the heaven were looking at this incident. after the culmination of this incident, the Gods, showered flowers. Then, the hunter and family of deer attained salvation. 
To see the full article click on this link: Happy Mahashivratri

Raise A Reader

The previous Premier of BC started a campaign called “Raise A Reader”.  I once saw him handing out newspapers to public for free to encourage reading.  I politely accepted the newspaper; however, I cannot stand reading the news, all that bad stuff going on local and globally.  I quit reading the newspaper. Subsequently, more newspapers were produced for free.  There’s the 24 hours and Vancouver Metro.  A friend of mine used to work for 24 hours.  I started reading 24 hours because of her.  Then she changed professions, does not want to take pictures and become a paparazzi.  I quit reading, again.

In my travels, I met this nice elderly Filipino lady. One day, on the way to train station, I saw her giving out Vancouver Metro by the train station.  I started reading again because of this Filipino lady.  To help her out distribute the newspapers, I went to the extent of taking five newspapers to further distribute them at work.

I’m beginning to like Vancouver Metro because it has more good news than bad news.  Or maybe, I am just selectively reading the good part.  Besides, it provides easy to follow food recipes and this is the best part.

For Tuesday, January 23, 2013 issue, the headline was “Nothing to Fret My Pet!”  It is actually a love story of a woman and her deer.  To make the short story even shorter: they will live happily ever after when it was decided by law makers not to forcibly separate them.  I love happy endings.

Source:  Vancouver Metro

Source: Vancouver Metro

 To read more about it, here’s the link: Metro News.

 Psalm 42
As the deer longs for running streams… so my soul longs for you, O God.