Seeking Peace, My Reflections

Everyday, I meditate and reflect on the Day of Grace post. I find it rewarding to be still, quiet my mind and eventually find peace in a world filled with unrest. Pax Tecum. Perpetua.

God has called you to live in peace. 
1 Corinthians 7:15b

Peace in the world is hard to find.  There are wars and conflicts between nations and within nations.  There is anger, abuse, fighting, and disturbances in families, among friends, in schools and work places.  There are demands and expectations placed on us.  The different personalities and agendas of those around us are often difficult to understand.  This time of year it is especially difficult to be peaceful. 

Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from situations and settings to relax and find calmness to gain perspective of what is happening and why.  We need to seek peace and this may require work on our part.  A willingness to listen more than talk in conversations, willingness to compromise where we can ethically and morally do so.  Peace, in the world and in our homes and neighborhoods, is a fragile thing…

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Matthew 6:11 niv

Just for today, just for very moment … this prayer became my mantra. It help me focus and keep the mind from being anxious, It prevents the dark night of the soul from taking over. The continuous repetition of these words gave me the freedom and joy that surpasses beyond understanding. Give us this day….

breadWe often ask for things we think we will need in the future forgetting about today.
However, today is what we have and we may not have tomorrow.
Perhaps the wiser course is to pray first for today than for the future.
The Lord knows what our futures hold and  provides for us day by day.

Are you too busy with tomorrow to pray for today?
How will praying for this day help you with the tomorrows of life?

Blessings this day of grace,



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