Brunch for one: Sweet and Savory


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Food. I need food and there’s hardly any food in my fridge. What can I possibly eat the day after our family Christmas party? I did not bring any “to go” even though I supplied all kinds of cheeses, fruits, … Continue reading

Canada Day Special

LunchThis is so exciting when we received a broadcast message on Monday from the cafeteria.  Centre Café will be serving a Canada Day Special.  Woo who!0 
Never will I miss this one.  Every year, this is what I look forward to: Crispy Chicken.  I made sure that I ate light breakfast and no snacking between meals  to make sure I will bring my appetite for this feast. 
The cafeteria is decorated with Canadian Flags.  The cooks are all dressed up in red shirt.  Service with a smile.  Love them from the bottom of my stomach.  They are the best. 
Most staff will put in their order ahead of time.  Sorry folks, first come first served.  It’s unfair for the walk ins and order the special only to find out it’s sold out before it even gets served.   So, I went early to the cafeteria to beat the crowd and had my lunch pack to go. 
What a festive environment.  People are now starting to flow in having the same idea as me.  We were just like noisy children eager to have our last meal because it’s the last day at school.  Once this place is filled with staff, it is full of laughter.  A happy bunch of people.  
And here’s a feast fit for a queen.  Ah, Crispy Chicken, Artichoke Salad, Potato Wedge and delicious cake.  I’m eating lunch at my desk to focus and savour this moment.  
Bon appétit!
Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken

 This is just too much food for me and I took the rest home for dinner.