Contrast on Prices

SALE !!!

SALE !!!

I could post photos of nature, scenery or travels but somehow I just don`t feel like digging into folders upon folders of photos.

This photo is still fresh and I feel so lucky about a purchase of brand new pair of jeans yesterday. Look at the contrast on prices from $50 to $5, a savings of $45.

Facial Contrast

The shape of your face


I wear glasses in all styles and colours.  In order for me to find what what style of frames suit my face, I have to know the shape of my face.  Trying  the frames first to find the contrast on my face is the deciding factor.

What shape is your face and what style of frame do you use?

My hand in contrast with …

contrast hand to mouth

I know that in many things I am not like others, but I do not know what I really am like.

contrast skin to fur

Man cannot compare himself with any other creature; he is not a monkey, not a cow, not a tree. I am a man. But what is it to be that?

contrast skin to skin

Like every other being, I am a splinter of the infinite deity, but I cannot contrast myself with any animal, any plant or any stone.

Only a mythical being has a range greater than man’s. How then can man form any definite opinions about himself? ~  Carl Gustav Jung