Write. Read. Wrong?

Write. That is a complete sentence — a full statement.

Having learned how to write, it becomes an obsession. I still prefer longhand writing using the old cursive loops. Sometimes, I can’t write fast enough as fast as I think. I can’t write them all. Just as well, maybe it’s not that important. Yet, writing to me is a compulsion. I am a compulsive obsessive writer. Sometimes, I write on white space using my breath and a window. It leaves no trail. Poof.

white space

There is a box full of spiral notebooks accumulation of my writings. I don’t read them. I write my thoughts to make room for more thoughts. I am not a writer. Nor do I want anyone to read my innermost thoughts. Hence, I started purging. Again.

Lucy obsess with my torn up writings.

If I had written negative about somebody else, and then they surprised me by behaving completely differently to how I had characterized them, I might say, “Well, they made me eat my words” (in hindsight, this may embarrass or even pleasantly surprise me. Should it’s embarrassing, I have to take back whatever negative remarks I made about them). Is it better to put my foot in my mouth or to eat my own words? Idiomatic.

Nowadays, most of my writings consist of groceries or a things-to-do list.

End result of purging my writings served on a plate.

Nothing has been written that hasn’t been said before. So I use some writings as a quote and unquote. Quotes are better.

I recently used a quote and posted it as a comment on Donald J. Trump’s Facebook page.

"The SCOTUS isn't insane enough to be on Trump's side. 
He will lose again. This makes me happy. 
Trump is a horrible human being."

Note that this was posted previous to the SCOTUS decision. I truly have no idea how the Rule of Law will swing nor how SCOTUS will respond.

Much to my surprise and amazement, this comment received more than 1.5K replies, all inflammatory directed at me. Aside from that, I received messages via Messenger. Some visited my personal public FB page, left a trail of laughing and angry emoji. Some were bold enough to write comments. The good thing is that FB is smart enough to filter their comments. All I have to do is delete them. Easy peasy.

Read! Doesn’t anyone know how to read at all? It’s a quote. Geez.

One exception. One person read. One person really knows how to read. And I quote:

*Daamnn its sad over 1000 people never heard of quotation marks…youre almost famous now lol”

Wow! Wow…wow…wow…you actually caught the quote. You are the only person that paid attention to what I posted. If this is a lottery, you won the jackpot. I responded.

“Ya…it looks like [they] were screwed tho.” He responded.

Write. Read. Wrong?

The Call of the Wild

Gorgeous, tender, & true,
for even as the wild pack
of poet dogs that we are,
running reindeer & bigots
& politicians into a frenzy,
thanks for reminding us
that we are peregrine,
lone eagles, red-tailed hawks
as well & now I understand
why after a spirited
bout of writing,
I feel light-headed,
getting nose bleeds
& wind burns.

Glenn Buttkus 


Comment via The Call: Blue Skies.
Pack of dogs via Thank you for saving our lives


“Dye-ing to oneself – Testament by Kanzensakura


The following is a comment conversation between me and Kanzensakura via Say it with flowers.

kanzensakura: What a nice post! I too am a silver fox – at least I like to think so! My mother says, that after I wash my long hair,  blow it dry, and it is all full and glisten white that I look like one of those wild Japanese demons. So I’m sticking with silver fox.

seeker: Japanese demons have long black hair. Yes, kanzen silver fox, stick to this one!

kanzensakura: Some do have the long white hair. It’s crazy. I started getting white hair when I was 20.

seeker: You must be my long-lost sister! Me, too. Spent lots of dinero to stay blue-black and then I decided, enough. The rest is history.

kanzensakura: I was in hospital about 6 years ago for cancer treatment and surgery. I had started turning white-haired early and after a few dye sessions, I decided it was not worth the time or the money. My husband and mother freaked because when they came to the hospital room after I had been brought up from recovery room, my hair was white. I haven’t even thought about dyeing it.

seeker: Hope that the treatment is successful. Not worth it, kanzen. Why hide our singular beauty with false beauty?

kanzensakura: Praise God, I’m cancer free.

I am always amazed when I see people dye their hair, as if it will make them look 20 or 30 still. I know several Asian women in the church I attend who have their hair touched up without fail every month.

One was sick for a while. I saw her before she came to church after her illness and she had an inch of pure white grow-out. She had developed a skin condition and would not be able to have her hair dyed so she was not coming to church until her hair could be – a space of several months.

I smiled and asked her, do you think God doesn’t know what you really look like inside or out?

She looked at me harshly and frowned.

I told her why my hair was white and that I considered it a badge of honor proof that I had been saved from cancer and still had a job to do for God here on earth.

I asked her maybe God is touching you and reminding you, we are all made of dust and to start working for Him in our limited time?

Well, she stopped dyeing her hair. And to be truthful, she looked 20 years older, softer, and more approachable. She became part of a ministry to teenagers, powerful among them and often seems, to be the youngest among them.

seeker: What a wonderful testament. God works in wonderful ways. Love and Prayers to you and yours.

kanzensakura: Thank you

seeker: I am thinking of sharing your comments as testament on faith. Do you mind?

kanzensakura: Not at all because I know it is God, His grace and love that not only did I survive but what is most amazing, is the tumor that was the size of a tennis ball and lymph glands that were all infected prior to the surgery; when the MD went in, the tumor had shrunk and the lymph glands were clean.

My mother and husband said when he came to them after surgery, he was so amazed and kept thinking of scans and x-rays earlier.

They knew a miracle had occurred. I truly do praise God for His love for me.

seeker: God is good, all the time!

kanzensakura: Amen

” When a woman ceases to alter the fashion of her hair, you guess that she has passed the crisis of her experience.” Mary Hunter Austin   The Land of Little Rain,’The Basket Maker’.

“Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.” Psalms 71:18


When does charity become a business


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Haya, Pete.  Of course, I like you.  You know very well I welcome your thoughts and I enjoy publishing your comments.  I love hearing what you have to say about Science or Conscience on donating. Thank you. You are not going … Continue reading

An Apple a day will byte you…

I have to warn you that my response got quite lengthy and don’t feel compelled to read it all. Also, it gets political at the end.

Did you [read] Jobs’ biography?

He was a remarkable person. I suspect no one else could have built, nor saved, Apple. But he was a near total jerk. The same obsessiveness that enabled him to create Apple lead him to casually destroy people. It also led him to make the decisions about his medical care that resulted in his death far before it should have occurred had he listened to others.

What Jobs says in the quote above is superficially attractive I suppose – i.e., you are very smart and contain within you a wise inner voice that will steer you right if you let it. However, a moment’s reflection will tell you that is not true for most people. Even worse, Job’s idea that you should not pay attention to anyone’s opinion but your own works if you are a genius bully but I don’t recommend it for most people.  His “me at all costs and to hell with what you think philosophy” badly damaged Apple at many turns. Apple needed Jobs but it would have been a much better company if Jobs had been more willing to listen to other voices. All of this said I also suspect that great enterprises often need people like Jobs.

I used to work at a place not all that different from Apple (hugely successful, complete with genius entrepreneur obsessed with her business, which was akin to her child), If I stayed I would be very wealthy now, but she wanted me to make the company my life and that wasn’t what I was looking for. I think if you stay at a place like Apple and similar places, you can pay a heavy price and/or reap great rewards. It is your choice.

I don’t know where you live nor do I have any real idea of what your politics are so excuse me if I offend you but what Jobs says ties in with the state of politics in the U.S. I have no problem at all with the self-made people of the world reaping their rewards, however, we have now arrived at a place where we have a small group of elites who were born to wealth and who by manipulating the system have become obscenely wealthy and have the same philosophy that Jobs expressed above (Jobs was socially liberal while most of these people are not). Many of these people are very, very smart, but they don’t care about anyone else but themselves. It is specifically with those people who a philosophy like Jobs’ (or like Any Rand’s for that matter) have the potential for great mischief. A little bully is one thing; a big bully who controls the reins of government is something else entirely.

This is the Points of View of Mr. Beluga; a comment made on this post: Everything else is secondary by Steve Jobs.  I contacted him that I will be sharing his comments for others to read.  I happen to share his view.
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Photo source: www.engadget.com