Let me get this off my system.


Indian CoffeeLet me get this off my system.

If you are looking for Starbucks in India, good luck! You can only find the coffee shop in the Airport, departure area.

And if you are looking for a freshly brewed coffee, there is no such thing! Everything is instant coffee in India. The famous one is Nescafe or Folgers. Kate Crimmins  are you rolling your eyes yet?

It was a problem, a very big problem for me. But hey, I am a pilgrim, this is not Club Med.

So, what is Indian Coffee? Pretty basic:

  • Instant Coffee – two packets if you want it strong
  • Hot Water – very small amount to dissolve the coffee
  • Warm Milk –lots to combine it with the dissolved coffee
  • Sugar – if you want it sweet.

Oh, some make it frothy to give it an espresso look. There’s hardly any coffee in this cup but bubbles.

I was kicking myself to get a “caffeine kick” to it. There’s hardly any caffeine in an instant coffee. Drinking two or three cups of this first thing in the morning is my form of “flagellation” for seventeen days to wake me up. I survived.

The minute we arrived in Canada, we stopped over at my sister’s place and I asked for a real good brewed coffee, mug size.

Aaahhhh…. good to the last drop followed by a refill.

I am so glad to be home.

Coffee ~ It will keep you alive

A new study found that drinking two or three cups of coffee lowers the risk of suicide by at least 50 percent.  
That is good news. 
Researchers said that the caffeine in coffee can increase the neurotransmitters similar to a mild antidepressant to lift a person’s mood.  
No wonder I have been feeling good lately. 
Studies demonstrated that caffeine leads to enhanced cognitive performance.  Vigilance, mental alertness, feeling of well-being and arousal are just a few positive effect of caffeine. 
So go ahead and have a cup or two of coffee.  It will keep you alive. 
Photo credit:  Miss Four Eyes: 3 stages of coffee.  Click on the picture to see the post.
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