May Two-Four?

Canada is celebrating Victoria Day this weekend. This is a great history written by Bite Size Canada.

Bite Size Canada

Tomorrow, May 19, is Victoria Day, acknowledging Queen Victoria’s birthday. So for today’s post, allow me to introduce you to Alexandrina Victoria.

Queen Victoria Photo of Queen Victoria; Photo de la reine Victoria. Date: 18 August 2007, Ottawa, by abdallahh. Source:

She was born on May 24, 1819 (Kensington Palace, London), and died on January 22, 1901 (Osborne House, Isle of Wight) at the age of 81.

The official name for this annual celebration is Victoria Day,and in French it’s called Fête de la Reine. Some also call it May Long Weekend, May Long, May Two-Four, or May Run. It is also informally considered as the beginning of the summer season in Canada.  It is celebrated every year on the Monday preceding May 25.  This year, it falls on May 19th.

Canada started celebrating the Queen’s birthday on May 24, 1845, when the legislation first passed by…

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My heart skipped a beat – A Referrer


This gallery contains 2 photos.

Do you ever read the “referrers” in your Stat section?  I do. Do you click on the link should you see an unfamiliar link? I do. When I did visit the link of the referrers, my heart skipped a beat … Continue reading

Google Shows Iqaluit

Bite Size Canada is sharing a link to Canada’s North. The link will give you insight what it feels like to live up North.

Bite Size Canada

Google did the Canadian Arctic proud! Just follow the link below, and be prepared to be awed … Well, sort of …

Canada’s North

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Only In Canada, You Say?

The best Canadian Blog Site, ever! Bite Size Canada… Oui!

Bite Size Canada


There are some things that belong to Canada — most we take for granted.  Mottos are a great example of that.  So many we hear often, and yet we don’t remember that they’re ours.  Such as:

Always got time for Tim Hortons.” (Coffee and Donuts)
At Speedy you’re a somebody.” (Mufflers)

Canada, the world next door.” (Tourism Canada)

“Ever been to sea, Billy?” (Cap’n Highliner foods)

Ex says it all.” (Beer)

Only in Canada? Pity.” (Red Rose tea)

The Champagne of Ginger Ale.” (Canada Dry)

Where you give like Santa and save like Scrooge.” (Canadian Tire)

I am Canadian!” (Beer)

I challenge everyone to come up with others!

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Cat VS Internet

Another victory for the Cat. This came from Bite Size Canada. Visit TKMorin site for a wealth of information about Canada, eh.

Bite Size Canada

Cat VS Internet

For every other cat out there who is trying to get their owners to pay more attention to them, you may want to go read this comic.

My owner thinks it was funny, but I didn’t think so. I thought it was a touching story.

Judge for yourself as you go to The

Yours truly,
(white Persian cat)

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