Beat the heat

Our apartment is the only complex that has a swimming pool within a mile radius.  We are the envy of the neighbours when summer comes.    
Having a pool is a big job for the managers. I watch them labour away to have it ready for the health inspector’s approval before opening the pool. 
Of course there are pool rules.

  •        Private Property
  •        For tenants us only
  •        Swim at your own risk
  •        No lifeguard on duty
  •        Children must be supervised by an adult

 Since I don’t know how to swim, I stay away from the pool. 
It’s fun to watch the playfulness of the children as they splash on the water, big boys jumping off in the deep end and the parents tuck at the corner supervising them with eagle’s eyes.  
2013 Aug 14 swimming pool
As for the adults, they gently float away trying to ease the stress after work.  Some will just lie down doing the shake and bake type thing.  Some will just dip their feet in the water. 
I’ve seen crazy activities in the pool.  
Transient people will sneak in and stay overnight.  Of course, the police chased them away.  Young man will invite curvy women.  A big no-no.  The women are not tenants.  They, too, must leave.  
One day, it was really scorching hot, a tenant jump into the water clothing and all.  I suppose people do strange thing when it’s unseasonably hot. 
The strangest thing happened in the middle of the night.  I couldn’t sleep and I step out in the balcony to cool off.  In the dark, I could see that there is someone or something swimming.  
This thing was doing the back stroke, front stroke, butterfly stroke.  As I was gradually getting used to seeing in the dark, I realized this wonderful swimmer was no other than a racoon. 
I laughed and at the same time I heard laughter in other balconies, too.  I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep that night and out in the balcony. There were three of us watching this Olympic swimmer.

Cat ~ Woman

Sometimes it’s best not to love too much in order to protect myself.  But I can’t help it when it comes to cats. 
Room 307 came to me on Saturday asking for help about a cat.  Oh no, I thought, she is Mother Teresa of cats.
Cat across our building

Cat across our building

Across from the building a cat is alone on the balcony.  Apparently, they have noticed this before when the cat cannot get back inside the apartment on Thursday.  The balcony door was slightly ajar and the cat cannot get in.  Needless to say, they climbed the balcony, opened the door and let the cat in.  Problem solved. 
Not really. This time, the cat is outside, again since Friday night.  The balcony door is close, owner is missing in action.  It was a cold rainy day on Saturday.  Room 307 has observed the cat, spoke to SPCA (Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) asking for advice.  SPCA needs pictures of the status of the cat and a report from them before they can act on rescue mission.  
No wonder for the past nights, I have heard a cat meowing at night.  A meow in distress. 
Here enter the Cat ~ Woman, yours truly:  Picture this: Second floor balcony, a long ladder, and three adults (Mr. and Mrs. Room 307 and Mr. Frenchie) holding the ladder, watching Cat ~ Woman climb up to second floor, assess the situation and to take pictures as evidence for SPCA.
Cat Rescuers

Cat Rescuers

So I narrated what the balcony looks like: a box with pillow and poo poo, a litter box filled with more poo poo, a bowl of dry food, no water.  

That did it.  Mr. Room 307 came up to see.  It was horrifying for him what he saw and decided to save the cat.   Where will it stay, I exclaimed.  Mr. Frenchie to the rescue.   He lives next door to the cat’s owner, Mr. MIA.  He will keep the cat until Mr. MIA will show up.  Problem solved. 
Not really.  Ms. Room 307 poured her heart out to me tonight that the cat is back with Mr. Frenchie.  There was an “incident” that happened while I was at church.  Thank God, I wasn’t around when it happened. 
My heart aches.