To Fall In Love With Anyone, Try This App — Or This One, Or This One

So, have you printed the list of 36 Questions on how to fall in love and experimented it on someone yet? How was it for you? Are you in love? Do I hear wedding bells?

If not, no worries. There is now an App for that provided by Apple iTunes. They do think of anything and everything for the sake of love for money.

All thanks to Mandy Len Catron who published an essay in The New York Times describing her experience replicating a study that claims to accelerate intimacy between two people in her Love Story Project blog.

But then again, I’d rather experiment it with a cat. This cat looks exactly like my cat, Maurice. Such a sweet talker.

Last night, Maurice seems to be losing mobility on his right hind leg. Please send you healing love and prayers to Maurice. Thank you.

Brunch for one: Sweet and Savory


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Food. I need food and there’s hardly any food in my fridge. What can I possibly eat the day after our family Christmas party? I did not bring any “to go” even though I supplied all kinds of cheeses, fruits, … Continue reading

An Apple a day will byte you…

I have to warn you that my response got quite lengthy and don’t feel compelled to read it all. Also, it gets political at the end.

Did you [read] Jobs’ biography?

He was a remarkable person. I suspect no one else could have built, nor saved, Apple. But he was a near total jerk. The same obsessiveness that enabled him to create Apple lead him to casually destroy people. It also led him to make the decisions about his medical care that resulted in his death far before it should have occurred had he listened to others.

What Jobs says in the quote above is superficially attractive I suppose – i.e., you are very smart and contain within you a wise inner voice that will steer you right if you let it. However, a moment’s reflection will tell you that is not true for most people. Even worse, Job’s idea that you should not pay attention to anyone’s opinion but your own works if you are a genius bully but I don’t recommend it for most people.  His “me at all costs and to hell with what you think philosophy” badly damaged Apple at many turns. Apple needed Jobs but it would have been a much better company if Jobs had been more willing to listen to other voices. All of this said I also suspect that great enterprises often need people like Jobs.

I used to work at a place not all that different from Apple (hugely successful, complete with genius entrepreneur obsessed with her business, which was akin to her child), If I stayed I would be very wealthy now, but she wanted me to make the company my life and that wasn’t what I was looking for. I think if you stay at a place like Apple and similar places, you can pay a heavy price and/or reap great rewards. It is your choice.

I don’t know where you live nor do I have any real idea of what your politics are so excuse me if I offend you but what Jobs says ties in with the state of politics in the U.S. I have no problem at all with the self-made people of the world reaping their rewards, however, we have now arrived at a place where we have a small group of elites who were born to wealth and who by manipulating the system have become obscenely wealthy and have the same philosophy that Jobs expressed above (Jobs was socially liberal while most of these people are not). Many of these people are very, very smart, but they don’t care about anyone else but themselves. It is specifically with those people who a philosophy like Jobs’ (or like Any Rand’s for that matter) have the potential for great mischief. A little bully is one thing; a big bully who controls the reins of government is something else entirely.

This is the Points of View of Mr. Beluga; a comment made on this post: Everything else is secondary by Steve Jobs.  I contacted him that I will be sharing his comments for others to read.  I happen to share his view.
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Home… I think

Back to reality.   
Ah, my sanctuary, furry friends, plant, hummingbirds and city life.  
Where do I begin…  
First of all, everything that I posted are due to the advanced system of WordPress.  Thank you, WordPress for such excellent service you provided for our entertainment.  These Post were all prepared prior to my departure and scheduled to publish just in case I have no time to break away from having too much fun in heaven. 
Secondly, I apologize to the all if I were not able to read your post, responded to your comments and liked them.  Having a new gizmo, Apple iPad is still I have yet to learn.  Somehow, this was not thought to me in Kindergarten. 
Thirdly, here I am.  Keep Calm and keep on blogging.


One has to travel full of gadgets nowadays in order to be “in”.  Cell phone, Iphone, Ipads. 
IPads … hmm… doesn’t that require a WiFi? 
I wonder if there’s an internet service in heaven?  


I bought an Apple just for this trip.
I wonder if God let Mr. Job in heaven?
  Mr. Job are you there?.

Apple IPad

Apple IPad

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First name basis

The Filipino way, most people’s first name is Maria.  There are so many Maria’s in our family, me included.  However, we don’t use our first name.  I use my second name.  My only wish is I wish I wasn’t named Maria. 
The trouble started not in my childhood.  It started when I came to Canada.  
The officers saw how long my name is, they started using Maria.  Employers did the same thing, Maria.  Well, I felt there is no use in contradicting them since they are having a hard time pronouncing the name.  
When I say my second name, the common response is, Huh?  How do you spell that?  P as in Peter, E as in Eve, R as in Richard, P as in Peter (again), E as in Eve (again), T as in Tom, U as in Uranus, A as in Apple.  Perpetua.  What? Petula?  Never mind, call me Maria.  The names that I just called out, they understand, but not my name. 
As for being Maria, oh the trouble I go.  Maria seems to be a troubled name.  People started singing “How do you solve a problem like Maria”.  Sound’s familiar? 
It was only in 2010 that I decided once and for all, I will use my name that I am accustomed to hearing.  Perpetua it is.  Again, my colleagues of 13 years, they kept on calling me Maria.  Sorry, folks, I am not responding to that! 
So here I am, as a Canadian Maria, signing and dancing to the Sound of Music. 
 This is in response to Daily Prompt: Childhood.  Come and join us, it will make you sing.