Reflection: What is my calling

There is so much drama in the world.

We use dramatic language to make a point!  Even the Good News if taken out of context is not so good at all such as “We are worthless slaves…”

Slaves?  How can I be a slave.  I am God’s child, blessed and gifted.  Given with a life to do good in this world, a responsibility, to be of service, to spread the Good News and to be accountable.  How can I use these gifts I received.  I am not the only who has these gifts.  Each and every one of us have these.  And that brought me to a question; What is my calling?

I do what I have to do and to seek out the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

This is not Disney talk or Pollyanna attitude.  I am called to be of service to do good for whatever that good would be.  I don’t know.  Being simple-minded, I can only focus on the god of small things.  Starting small eventually leads to bigger things.  If not, I will gather all these little things and make them big.

Give me a sign.  What sign, there are so many signs in front of me.

Give me a sign

The hungry street people, feed them.  Children being abused, take a stand against injustice.  The marginalized, spend time with them.  These are visible signs and I am blessed with eyes to see and feel their needs.  What do I with what I see?  My sight moves me beyond compassion to nurture and share the gift what I receive from my Maker.

“I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you” ~ 2 Timothy 1:6

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