Summer Isn’t Over

A day-to-day guide not just for the summer.



Day 1: Choose to act mercifully.
Day 2: Share what you have with those in need.
Day 3: Seek out someone you can help.
Day 4: Choose loving words and actions.
Day 5: Let no one in your day feel ignored.
Day 6: Visit, call, or send a card to someone sick.
Day 7: Pick a bad habit and let it go.
Day 8: Pray for those who have died.
Day 9: Tell someone today’s Gospel message.
Day 10: Say something to someone feeling hopeless.
Day 11: Go to confession; ask forgiveness of your sins.
Day 12: Pick an “enemy” and pray for them.
Day 13: Say to someone, “I forgive you” and mean it.
Day 14: Say thank you to God and be joyful.
Day 15: Pray for one particular person.
Day 16: Do something extra nice for Mom.
Day 17: Speak out against injustice.
Day 18: Donate clothing…

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Discovery of Knowledge Network


  Reporting from the streets of Vancouver, Canada, Stanley Q. Woodvine writes about the challenges of homeless life, as well as on personal interests like anime and computers. via sqwabb — Discover Nothing better to do tonight and looking for knowledge … Continue reading

The Perfect Card


Looking for a perfect card that will match the person’s personality can be a challenge especially for my sister who never ever change. She epitomizes the word sameness. That is, the same hair style for all those years.

She wears her hair on a bun!


Her hair is naturally long and black. Lucky person, no white hair for a 70-year-old. Unlike me, my hair is arctic white. I must have received all the white genes in our family.

As for a birthday card, we found the perfect image of her.


I kid you not, when we were younger, we ‘teased’ her hair to create a beehive.

Happy Birthday, sister.

Letter to Premier of BC and Ministry of Education


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Today, I e-mailed the Premier of BC, Christy Clark, and Ministry of Education, Mike Bernier reminding them their responsibility as elected officials. As much as I want to remain quiet about what is happening in Vancouver public system, I am … Continue reading


More than an Act of Kindness … a gift of life. Support the blog, buy the book!

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

To date in 2015, 136 dogs like these below have been rescued from kill shelters. I’m grateful for anyone who hass helped in any way to make this possible, from donating to going to get the dogs, to reading and reviewing a book, to adopting or fostering, to all the rescue groups that have pitched in, and the endless good people shining a light on the needless overpopulation of dogs suffering in shelters. Can it do a heart more good than to help another? Please pass along an act of kindness no matter how large or small, smiles and touching another included.

Aristotle is home safe and sound Aristotle has been rescued

Bonnie's fancy freedom photo Bonnie’s beautiful freedom photo

Clouseau with new mom-freedom photo Clouseau with his new momma getting some love

Dinah with the broken arm was rescued and is happily healing. Her freedom photo. Dinah’s freedom ride. Not the most comfortable but she’s now safe and sound in new home

Dinah happy at home Dinah resting comfortably and safely in her new home

Duke with new mom Duke the elder with his new mom

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