Want to buy a negligee? Another meaning for dishabille.

When Rihanna attended a Paris Dior show in nothing but a black mesh negligee, proudly showing off her baby bump, legions of fans (and the audience in attendance) did not clutch their pearls but applauded.— Christina Binkley, Town & Country, 23 Aug. 2022

4 thoughts on “Cheap

  1. For that money, it will a lot of hungry people!
    People are “crazy” these days!
    The interesting thing is how the bump becomes a human being and watch that transformation.
    This is worth noting.
    Cheers- Evelyn

    • She’s a pop singer from Barbados who came to USA. The news was “Nico Amarca of Highsnobiety magazine wrote “over the course of her now 10-year career, [Rihanna] has undergone one of the most significant aesthetic metamorphoses the world has ever seen”. Her image and fashion has changed several times with different hairstyles. Better than Hilton and Kardashians.

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