Warts and all

When I was young, I used to catch tadpoles and frogs. I love watching the tadpoles turn into a frog or toads. Mother used to scare me that I will get warts from handling them. That did not stop me. I never got a single wart. Amphibians do not carry this virus.

Since migrating here in Canada, I haven’t seen a single frog. So I joined this group at Vancouver Island.

3 thoughts on “Warts and all

  1. These little ones also exist near the Lost Lake in Whistler, BC. There’s warnings all over to be careful and mind your steps lol.
    I don’t know if kids nowadays know the fun of collecting tadpoles and put them in a bottle or a basin and watch them grow into a frog 🐸. After watching them grow, how can one eat frog legs -there’s no meat in them .

    Cheers – Poteet

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