Vancouver Sun

By royal decree, my sister, proclaimed that another month will be added called “Beachember.” She is a sun lover.

When we were growing up back in the Philippines, Mother used to send us out from 7 to 10 am to sun bathe. During this time, the heat of the sun is soft and we get our vitamin D.

As we grow older and wiser, instead of sunbathing, we prefer forest bathing. I introduced my sisters what I learned from a psychiatrist who provided group walks in MeetUp. We even signed up a UBC study group to help grad students for their thesis. The first session that we were supposed to attend, there was a warning of bear on the loose. Needless to say, that’s the end of our study group in this area.

As for me, I did gorilla gardening, with invitation. My neighbour has been watching me putter around at The Manor and asked me for help in having a floral garden instead of vegetable patch. It was fun transforming her front yard and moving some of my plants at her yard. I even made a small area of salad garden just for her.

Sun season is so short. When it’s out, here we come!

7 thoughts on “Vancouver Sun

  1. LOL for the bear warning Perpetua! I’d be out of there too 😊. I am officially adopting your sister’s Beachember month – why not?! Fun post, enjoy the fresh veggies!

    • My sister is a beach bum just returned from Beachwood. You live in Beach Paradise Island, Tina. It’s always Beachember there. Love my veggies. This is a fun prompt. Thanks.

  2. Exactly- summer is so short to enjoy Mr Sun 🌞. Hence, Beachcember should be there right after August! 🥳
    And nothing like the peace and awe I got from Forest Bathing. The Lord God made them all ♥️
    Blessings- Poteet

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