Talk of the town

Now all the babies are born, all three of them, one boy and two girls, the centre of our conversations is about the babies. You can just imagine the chin wagging on how to raise a child from the elders.

I for one hardly say on how to raise a child. I just want the child to see the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

This is Lucy. She’s now a grown up studying at UBC to become a lawyer. I don’t know if she remembers the simplicity in life. But I think she does. The other day, she sent us how fall is blooming in the grounds of the university reminding us that it’s time to visit and see the ordinary beauty of nature turning into extraordinary.

Can’t wait. This time bringing my other sister who wants to escape from intellectual conversation.

6 thoughts on “Talk of the town

  1. I’m watching these ordinary children became extraordinary when they are out of the house and doing their own “adulting” and become independent, responsible adults, caring , kind etc. Every parents prayers.
    A parent – Poteet 🙏💗

  2. That is a wonderful piece of advice Perpetua – I’d never seen it before and I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for the challenge this week, and for life in general! And the little girl in your image is so adorable with her little dress matching the flowers!

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