Indian Summer

Blue sky, not a cloud in the horizon and the air crisp. The leaves of the Cherry Tree is blossoming with fiery orange. In spring time, it flowers first before the leaves come out.

At Forest Lawn, this place is so beautiful. No matter what time of the year, it’s stunning all around. I often wonder how the residents feel in close proximity at the cemetery.

A bursting crimson colour shrub in my garden is what we have been waiting for. The name of this plant is Euonymus but I cannot remember it, so I called it burning bush.

My sister came to visit bringing a small pumpkin wishing me happy fall. Already? I can’t believe it’s here and have forgotten the season of the year. It still feels summery. I suppose I have to start putting the rest of the plants to bed and winterized them. In the meantime, we are off for a walk to check out autumn colours and fall plants at UBC. This purple berries are so beautiful that I am planning to grow it in my garden. Sister looked great posing with Callicarpa.

“When the leaves fall,
the whole earth is a cemetery
pleasant to walk in.
I love to wander and muse over
them in their graves. Here
are no lying nor vain epitaphs.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

14 thoughts on “Indian Summer

      • I was just thinking of Thoreau after a short hike – and as I am new to hiking 🥾- just really seeing the beauty that comes from that kind of immersion – i couid resort a tad bit more to some of the joy he we tore about with his living so close to nature and spending more and more time with it while those around him were train riding and doing the work daily grind that in at that time – also interesting how so many of his ideas and points are timeless –
        And I will think of this quote you have us the next time I see a pole of leaves

      • That is wonderful to know that you are hiking, short it may be. This will definitely give you an experience of the simplicity of Thoreau. When I take my sister out, I say to her Let’s Go Thoreauing. Here’s something I learned from forest bathing.
        I’m going into the forest to lose my self and find my soul.

      • Oh that was so uplifting just to read just now! Your forest bathing sounds so restorative
        – and not sure if you watch moves – but a little bit ago i watched one called “enchanted April” about two English women who were needing refreshment and they rented a house in Italy to get away and restore –
        It is a story of friendship and societal angles at the time (think it was post WWI

        Anyhow / what really stood out – the way the characters indulged in nature – amazing

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