Light Up

Each evening from dawn till dusk, Science World lights up using 198 LED lights. This became an iconic Vancouver Lights.

When Vancouver was lightless, In 1942 Earle Birney wrote Vancouver Lights.

Through the feckless years we have come to the time
when to look on this quilt of lamps is a troubling delight

In daytime, Science World still is a delight to see.

of nothing pulsing down from beyond and between
the fragile planets We are a spark beleaguered
by darkness this twinkle we make in a corner of emptiness

The stage red lighting in this production has the intensity of passion and love. If I remember this Filipino folk dance correctly, it’s called Maria Clara. The dress is an elegant formal outfit for women with clean lines that symbolize the virtues and nobility of a Filipino woman while the men wear Barong Tagalog, a traditional Filipino embroidered long-sleeve shirt made of pineapple fibre. He’s holding a castanets known as clackers.

Don’t they look fabulous with the lights on?

On a personal level, I use up a lot of artificial lights. This is my Day Light lamp 10,000 Lux therapy lamp for the living room. The lights mimic natural light to help me get through my seasonal affective disorder. The only months that they are unused are the months of August and September. I have another lamp in the bedroom.

These lamps are used first thing in the morning to wake up my brain. They are my lifeline.

12 thoughts on “Light Up

  1. All the light is injuring trees and plants all over the world.They need the darkness to recover from the had work of photosynthesis all day. The lights prevent this and disturb normal growing and resting needs.

    • Climate change that burns a hole in our atmosphere. Hopefully with changing season here, it would help the vegetation to rest and hibernate. We had so much wildfire here this summer and so was California.

  2. that was interesting to learn not the lamps – and it is something to learn more about – because I know a lot of folks take D3 to compensate for the lack of light – the lack of that natural light you mention that wakes up your brain and helps your hormones etc

    and enjoyed the poem that you linked and then also integrated into your post. That was so clever and I am glad I went and read the poem right when you linked it – because when I came back – I got more form the post and how you added some of the lines. –

    also, on the page that you linked to – it was a nice site braise of the questions after the poem –
    lek they noted this:

    This “poem casts a very wide net: the speaker looks out at the city’s lights and thinks about the ocean’s currents connecting continents, about the planets and the stars, about being and nothingness, and about how humanity will be remembered.”

    I really enjoyed the experience you gave us here and cheers to the iconic Vancouver Lights of science world

  3. Loved your artistic interpretation of the dancers Perpetua, really stunning. I suffered from SAD when we lived up north but it doesn’t bother me here in the south. Your solution is much less expensive 😊. Don’t know how I missed Science world when we visited Vancouver. Looks amazing

    • The lightings make a live stage show more dramatic and that’s what I enjoy watching. North can be a ‘sad’ place when the sun is hidden. These lamps I think is great invention.

  4. I have spent a lot of time this summer looking for dark places, where people have not lit up the sky at night. But I can see the pull of having light surrounding you too. I’m glad you have a way to deal with your seasonal issues.

    • Summer is great for staying up watching the dark sky at night. I spend most of my days outside to soak up natural light. Yes, thank goodness for this great invention. It helps.

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