Now is the time to speak

Good news. I renewed my subscription with WordPress for another year. It’s my way of saying I love it here.

Source: Unknown

I will be resetting my followers (again) down. If you wish to continue to see me on your reader, leave a comment.

Thank you.

24 thoughts on “Now is the time to speak

  1. Huh – been on WP for 8 years and never knew this. But why would you want to delete someone who is following you Perpetua?!?!? (Or are you deleting the blogs YOU follow and starting over?) Of course we want to stay with you!!!

    • Thanks, Tina for being there. Since WP made so many changes and dropped the Daily Post, Weekly Challenge, Freshly Pressed, Discover, I actually lost followers and following. Just cleaning up and besides, the numbers of followers is actually confusing to me.

    • We have control on who you want to read your post even they are following us by deleting them. That’s what I started doing when Daily Prompt and Weekly Challenge were no more. Most of my followers were from this group.

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