Unshakable Hope

For years, I followed Bill Sweeney’s journey of Unshakable Hope living with ALS. There are many of us he provided guidance never to lose hope. We all wanted him to keep going. Forever.

Unshakable Hope Photo taken in 1996 pre ALS

This Christmas, he wrote:

This will be the shortest post I’ve written. It’s a post I never expected to write because I didn’t expect to be alive this Christmas.

Of my more than twenty-four years with ALS, the last month has been the toughest. Beginning around Thanksgiving, my breathing went from bad to worse. I fought so hard to write my previous post about the victory over death through Christ, thinking it would be my final post.

Bill and his family celebrated their last Christmas. On December 30, his wife Mary notified us that Bill has finished the race that was set before him. He has fought the good fight of faith, and is now receiving his reward. 

Thank you Mary and children for being there with Bill.

May perpetual light shine upon on Bill. 


5 thoughts on “Unshakable Hope

  1. Beautiful post, and while sad there is also the wonderful feeling of ‘unshakable hope’ ~ an inspiration indeed. Wishing you well, and a ’21 full of great health and happiness. Take care.

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