As much as I enjoy writing, I prefer to read the fine prints.

A good chair, books and beverage are ways of promoting literacy in this area of Gastown. These are permanent fixtures for art lovers. Most folks bring their own reading materials and use the char.

This one is my favourite step in Lonsdale Quay. It reminds me of the book I give to my nephews or nieces once they graduated from high school. I bought one for myself.

Sidewalks are perfect for finding Goodreads. I am not sure if this is my photo I found on my iPhone.

10 thoughts on “Goodreads

  1. Hey Perpetua–It has been awhile. Hoping like crazy that your are OK and just taking a break. Or maybe you cannot figure out this confounded Blocks that WP presented to us. Anyway, I hope all is well and you are back soon. XO

    • Hi Lois, thank you for thinking of me. Still here trying to find my funny bones. I think of you guys often due to the rising Covid infections, the hurricane and the stormy election.

      That block makes me feel like a blocked head 🤗. It is a challenge. I keep on going back to classic mode and use my main computer. Once this weekend is over, I will get back to routine. Take care of your sweet self, Lois.

      • So good to hear from you,Perpetua! The US has gone nuts and Florida contributes any way we can. Good luck with the Blocks. WP is awash with people either complaining or trying to help others. It is a never-ending battle. Yes, I am still my good old sweet self. 😉 Hope to see you soon!

  2. Smiling is contagious ~ amen to that, and I do believe it 100%. 🙂
    And with the way this year has gone for the world, it is a good thing to have ~ wishing you well, Perpetua, take care ~

  3. Perpetua, what an appropriate response to labors of love. I never thought of using wall murals despite having seen many I’ve loved. Yours are wonderful, especially the steps. And I love the message of your closing image as well as the chair that’s left for passers by!

    • Murals sans the artists🤗Just the end products is where the love is in my opinion. i laughed so hard when they used a smile Covid as contagious. Mind you, creativity is as well. Thanks, Tina. Love your hair.

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