The Philosophy Of Mental Illness

I haven’t written about mental health for a long time not because I am healed. Far from it. It’s because there are so many people feeling some grade of mental illness due to the COVID pandemic. The opening sentence “We’re all mostly insane” made me laugh. In retrospect, I really could use a dose of insanity to put some humor in my life.

Banter Republic

We’re all mostly insane. I visited a family once and I must say that even though insanity didn’t run in that family, I’m convinced it strolled through, taking time to get to know each of them personally. I should have known. The first warning sign was that they all talked at the top of their voice. This one time the dad was speaking to me, and I had to remind him, in the most respectful manner, that I was only just five feet away, and that I could hear him clearly. He paused for a bit and increased the volume. Crase

What is Mental illness? Mental illness in it’s purest form is shaving off your entire eyebrows, only to draw them back on with a pencil. It doesn’t get more accurate than that. A close second will be shaving your entire hair and then proceeding to prance around in…

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6 thoughts on “The Philosophy Of Mental Illness

  1. My comment seems to have disappeared so I try again. When we allow unpleasant thoughts to reside in our mind for long we could slip into mental illness.
    Cheers Perpetua

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