Thinking of Winter in the Middle of Summer

I could really use an ice-cold drink as cold as winter.

Ice Cold Drink

Yesterday, I was speaking to a man who moved to BC from Ontario because his family cannot stand another winter or summer further up north.


In Vancouver, our winter is becoming milder and milder. We used to have plenty of snow and frozen city lakes. The temperature only goes down to -10 celsius. I miss those days when we can actually go cross country skiing in our city parks.

Vancouver Snowman

No more snow days.



12 thoughts on “Thinking of Winter in the Middle of Summer

  1. I remember winters a lot more full of snow and cold than we’ve had in recent years too. It’s sort of scary. But part of me, the older part of me, is sort of grateful not to deal with it in my driveway. Or to have to commute in it to work. Still…now that I’m retired I guess it would be fine if we got a few feet of snow this winter here in Michigan.

  2. Love the melted snowman. We thought of moving to BC for the same reason, but after a month on the island decided we couldn’t tolerate all the rain, lol. Everybody has to abide something.

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