Photographs and Memories

Happy Canada Day!. I am celebrating indoors. Allow me to repost how wonderful it is for me to live in Canada.

Today, on July 1st, I have to go to the big city … downtown Vancouver. My goal is to purchase another bag with wheels for daily use at the main department store, Hudson Bay.

Across The Bay, I met Steve. A man originally from Jamaica and loves to give free hugs. Hugs, what a wonderful feeling to give and receive one of the most fundamental human touches.

We love ❤️ Canada.

Soon after, two young women were having a good time doing selfies to take shots of Canadian flags on their hair. I must admit they look pretty in red and white colours. I asked if they are Canadians. In unison, they replied we are Japanese. We love Canada.

A family of Canadian Super Heroes.

Vancouver is a prominent party place. A sea of red and white flags, shirts, socks, headbands people too proud to wear. I must admit red and white are the true colours of True North.

A hug is worth a thousand words—a good feeling.

My heart soars to be here with them even though I wasn’t really thinking of celebrating. I did not find the bag. Before going home, I returned to see Steve for another hug.

With all the countries on earth, born in the Philippines, I finally found a home. Canada.

6 thoughts on “Photographs and Memories

  1. Canada is my home too. Canada has given my family many opportunities to have a better life as long as you’re a hard worker. Thank you Canada!

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