What if …

Imagine if the world is safe to travel, I could be somewhere in the world right now visiting sacred places on another pilgrimage in Peru.

Here in my sanctuary, Vancouver, BC, Canada, I can only imagine walking and following the footsteps of the Incas. Dreaming.

Tell me, are you on this list? What part of the world 🌎 are you staying, sheltering and keeping safe.



6 thoughts on “What if …

  1. With out administration there’s no way we’ll ever be considered a safe place to be during this pandemic. Here in Michigan we were #3 in deaths and cases but have now beaten down the curve and are much safer than other states, though we know the cases and deaths will go back up now that people are not paying a lot of attention any more.

  2. Florida is probably at the bottom of the US listings. Our case numbers break records every day, but the governor says we will not go back to lockdown. Grocery store and back is it for me. Masks always. What a world….. Stay safe, Perpetua.

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