100 days old and counting

It’s a celebration!

Happiness Square

For all those resilient folks returning to your old self that was your normal before becoming totally absorb having your cake and eat it, too, it’s time to celebrate life!

It has been more than 100 days since Covid became part of our daily vocabulary. We learned how to protect ourselves and others living in a bubble.

The old word bubble is back in style again.

How do you maintain your bubble? What old ways did you bring back to life to return to your old normal?

As for me, Covid or no Covid, I am normal as I can be until others changed their idea of what they think of me. Simple.

2 thoughts on “100 days old and counting

  1. In one way I haven’t maintained my bubble very well, except to stand apart; in another way I have, because I’ve only gone shopping three times in the past eight weeks. But the idea of a celebratory cake is a good one. 🙂

    • These two examples are perfect in taking care of yourself, Christine. Cake is always an good way to celebrate old traditions whatever that may be.

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