To Fjord a River

Never have I seen such clarity that this water is teeming with life. The river bed is crystal clear.

Norway Fjord

The shallow water can easily knock me off my feet should I am not careful will all the rocks.  I do wonder where the water is coming from.

Norway Fjord

Following the river, it took me more on the wild side where the current is fast and turbulent. Here I daydreamed of crossing the old wooden bridge to be on a rocky island. On the second thought, I stayed on the safe side less the bridge collapse, off I went carried by the moving water. Besides, I am on my own, leaving the rest of the pilgrims, and I don’t know how to swim.

Norway Fjord

We could see from the train how long this river really is.  The power of the water amazes me. It looks swollen and I can only imagine the rising of the river.  Does it get so high that floods the plain? I guess not since there are homesteads around the area.

Norway Fjord

Once the river widens, the water flows freely and calmly. Hills started to appear. To ford this river, one must have a motorboat.

Norway Fjord

As we come closer to our destination, this is one majestic fjord reflection taken from the train. It is so magical. The teal and cobalt colour, the mountains and the hills, all shades of green, reflecting what is above.

Norway Fjord

And here I am in between the solid earth forging the river that turned into the fjord. It’s the windiest place in Norway. I was in my element feeling gratefully alive.Norway Fjord

The fjord is a long body of water between mountains feed by glacial water.  It is also a Norwegian term meaning “where you travel across.” This majestic landscape is carved by ice age upon ice age.

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