Hello Dali

A bigger than life bronze sculpture is exhibited at Downtown Vancouver sponsored by Chali-Rosso Art Gallery.

Dali TopA faceless woman to symbolize all women.Dali Mid

The height is 360 centimetres equivalent to more than 11 feet. Dali BottomIt weighs 500 kg equivalent to 1100 lbs.Dali RightA Woman Aflame. An artwork that must be appreciated from every angle.Dali BehindIt reveals mysteries to anyone who takes the time to explore her in more detail.Dali LeftA woman’s mystery is her true beauty.Dali FrontHer body has so many drawers representing the concealed subconscious, holding secrets, sometimes even from herself.  The drawers are slightly ajar, indicating some access, but only if you are ready to explore the content.  Her left arm extends to the sky, her body leans back. The front of the sculpture does not reveal that she is being supported by a crutch from behind. The crutch is her power made possible with unseen aides.  Her elegant, graceful demeanour conceals the passion and desire that the flame represents.  Perhaps, it serves as a reminder that all is not always as it appears.Dali model

“The one thing the world will never have enough of is the outrageous – Salvador Dali.”

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