Right Under My Nose

I remember my mother used to tell people that her greatest treasure is her children.

Beach comber

She is right, I am one of her thirteen children. Without children, there will be no future in this world.

On a low tide, combing the beach even without a metal detector, we can find lost articles that have sentimental values on the owners, and I feel mixed feelings for having found them. On the other hand, should I find a sand dollar, I feel so rich.


Your life is priceless treasure.” “Your strength lies in knowledge, your power lies in wisdom, your treasure lies in understanding, and your wealth lies in life.” “Your mind is your wealth. Your heart is your riches. – Quotes in Goodreads

The public library is one of the best places to find treasure in life, knowledge and wisdom from reading books.  These children look so comfortable satisfied seating on their own with a stack of books to read.


One of the lost treasures is Noah’s Ark.  The legend said that Unicorns did not board the ship and perished when the earth flooded. Alas, I found the lost Unicorn strutting around the city and posed for me to have her photo taken.


When you are the only one that grew up different amongst the sea of purple flowers, consider yourself a gem.


This shrub is right in front of a busy sidewalk where I live. Most times, people will throw their garbage on this bush that I regularly pick up. However, one day I found something else. Do you see what I see hanging in one of the branches?

treasure diamond

It’s a solitaire diamond ring, maybe a carat. I don’t know how this ring ended here. My imagination started swirling in my head; a love affair went wrong or a thief’s stash. Who knows. I have no use for a diamond ring, so for now, it’s in the safety deposit box.

Cats Buzz Words

But I tell you, my greatest treasures are my cats.

11 thoughts on “Right Under My Nose

    • Not just siblings, uncles, aunties and cousins as well are very close. The first and second generations are just one big family that we instilled on the third generation that were born here. However, the third gen which I called the millenniums tend to be shifting towards the North American way whereby family is secondary. Thanks for asking.

  1. Ohhh a diamond! What a find! But searching for sand dollars on the beach is more precious 😊
    Better dry them outside- made a mistake if bringing them inside the house . Lol

  2. Wow Perpetua, that’s crazy! I’m saying a love affair gone bad. Perhaps one day you’ll find a good use for it. Perhaps the unicorn put it there😀. Loved your tongue in cheek response (and of course your cat phrases)

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